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You are a MOTIVATED LEARNER wishing to improve your speaking skills and pass end-of-course or international exams or a DEDICATED TEACHER looking for more effective teaching methods. Try our podcasts-oral exercises on iTunes & our free materials for very intensive grammar/vocabulary practice. Teachers can read the preview version of the digital resource book (DVD €29)—available in a lighter downloadable version (€14.99).

NEW: FILES FOR MOBILE DEVICES (cf. article or store for more information)

ORAL EXERCISES to teach IRREGULAR VERBS with a STORY "Was It Love?" using more than 140 verbs in context. Chart, scripts, oral worksheets and advice now available for first episodes.

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These podcasts are ranked among the "top 200 language courses" on iTunes in many countries around the world. They provide "active" ORAL TRAINING for A2 to C1 learners.

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Your English (Vocabulary A2-C1) QualityTime-ESL (Grammar: A2-C1) 5-minute TOPs (Fun with lyrics) NEW: Essential English (For beginners)

BOOK TO DOWNLOAD: QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book is now available in a downloadable 80 MB zip file: over 1,000 pages of exercises with "language" exercises/drills/activities downloaded in just a few minutes for €14.99. This version will enable students and teachers everywhere to use very effective "customizable" resources. Money back guarantee. Read more…

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FREE PREVIEW VERSION of the digital book “QT-ESL”: It’s much more than an ebook. See how it works: Free Preview Version.

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TEACHERS: The digital book on a DVD with 1,500 files in DOC, PDF, MP3 and video formats will help you give really effective classes your students will enjoy. It will also show you how to print your own "customized" workbooks.

Parts of the digital book are sold separately:

  • Back to the Basics Series

(*Orders from institutions are accepted.)

STUDENTS EVERYWHERE: Learn to "SPEAK" English correctly and with confidence thanks to free podcasts with oral drills/activities where YOU do the speaking!

Podcasts available on iTunes and on this site:

INTERNATIONAL EXAMS: If you want to succeed in exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or Cambridge exams and dramatically improve your speaking skills, you can use:

Our products are adapted to all levels from A2 to C1.
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QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book by Marianne Raynaud has text, audio, PowerPoints and video.
The DVD is sold here in our store. The paper version is distributed by iUniverse Bookstore and is also on platforms like Amazon. Be sure to order the "Revised Edition". This is mentioned just below the title and corresponds to the newest edition of the DVD.

This DVD/Resource Book will help you develop a personal program you will be very proud of. The very numerous templates will make your life as a teacher much easier.

The Document Annex on the DVD of Marianne’s book contains teaching materials for all levels from students "starting over" to both intermediate and advanced learners—plus scripts and worksheets from our four series of podcasts QualityTime-ESL Podcasts, Your English Podcasts, 5-minute TOPs and and Essential English.

Students will enjoy ESL/EFL/ELT courses much more, because they will improve their speaking skills faster. They will learn correct usage and correct pronunciation. Marianne’s philosophy: less stress and greater pleasure when learning or teaching! Read the book review for more information.

The price for the downloadable version is €14.99 for more than 1,500 files! The complete version on a DVD sells for €29 plus a minimal fee for packaging and shipping. The DVD contains audio and video files plus a selection of scripts and worksheets from our four series of podcasts. If you buy the downloadable version and then wish to have the DVD, we will charge only a supplement of €15 plus packing and shipping according to the destination.

Transcripts and worksheets from the podcast series can also be bought separately in packs of 60 or 20. There are also special PDF files to download directly onto mobile devices. For prices go to the store.

You can also read interviews with Marianne.

PODCASTS WITH SCRIPTS: Marianne’s recordings with transcripts and worksheets have enabled students worldwide to overcome barriers to speaking English fluently. They will work for you too!

QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book consists of a DVD containing over 1,500 ready-to-go files (PDF, WORD, MP3 & video) plus 24 chapters of explanations. Files can be opened directly from the chapters by means of embedded hyperlinks.

There is also a second DVD, a film entitled "Scenes from an ESL Classroom". Both DVDs are sold on this website cf. Ordering the DVDs. The book on a DVD costs €29 plus shipping fees according to destination, and the film sells for €15. The complete package sells for €39.

Students can also benefit on their own from the podcasts and the Digital ESL Resource Book (DVD or downloadable versions) with exercises, keys, instructions and advice on giving oral presentations, examples of excellent student work: essays, PowerPoints, outlines—and even two 10-minute films written, directed and produced by students.

Free downloads of podcasts and teaching materials can be found on this site.

FYI (For Your Information): ESL = English as a Second Language, EFL = English as a Foreign Language, and ELT = English Language Teaching

Free ESL Listening Comprehension Samples mp3

Free ESL Study Plan for Day 1

Free ESL Booklet Ideas for Day 1

Free ESL 1st Year Teaching Materials

Free ESL 2nd Year Teaching Materials

FOUR SERIES OF PODCASTS (here and on iTunes)

  • QualityTime-ESL Podcasts with drills to review English grammar (about 10 minutes long)—ideal for international exams and university students or anyone wanting to speak correct English and ready to invest the time to do oral exercises.
  • "Your English Podcasts" where you repeat and complete simple sentences with a view to learning vocabulary and making it active knowledge.
  • Essential English oral training for total beginners or people starting over from the very beginning

The first podcasts are easy and are intended for ESL STUDENTS WHO STILL FEEL BLOCKED when communicating, but very soon they become far more challenging. And it is far more difficult to do oral exercises without any script than to do written exercises.

The meaning of the term: QualityTime-ESL

"QualityTime" is an allusion to a term, which is often used by Americans to refer those precious moments we spend with our children when they are growing up.

Many of us are busy parents with full time jobs, but we know it is not the amount of time you spend with your kids that counts but rather the quality of that time. If you devote quality time to your children, they will profit to the utmost. Short periods of "intense relationship" are often the most valuable.

The same goes for teaching in my opinion, especially ESL teaching. ESL = English as a Second Language. I believe that ESL teaching can be very effective. In others words you can improve immensely in just a few hours or days depending on the circumstances. It is not the number of hours that counts, but rather the quality of the teaching that matters most.

Marianne Raynaud

Read more in the introduction to QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book

What can QualityTime-ESL offer both students and teachers, who are…

In search of advanced tutoring in English?

  • Essential English oral training for total beginners or people starting over from the very beginning

Looking for ways to make ESL teaching more “dynamic"?

  • Attend Intensive 1/2 day seminars on highly effective teaching techniques such as intensive pair work, tutorials, core curriculum planning, creative group work, oral tests and much more.

Want to "perfect" their skills in oral English and do better in your courses at the university or on international exams?

  • Practice with QualityTime ESL-Podcasts to review basic English grammar (10 minutes long), ideal for international exams and university students or anyone wanting to speak correct English.

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