Sample Materials to Organize and Start Off a Course

This is to give you an idea of what you can offer your students by using the "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book".

Here are a few samples to put in the 1st booklet of the year

Please note that the two year course that is presented in the book—with most of the materials used—can be used for all levels from A2 to even C2 as it is a refresher course to brush up on the basic skills.

I wish also to point out that teachers will find in "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" on a DVD or the Downloadable Version the “modifiable” documents (DOC files) that they can “customize” to suit their needs and wishes. On this website most documents are in PDF and thus cannot be modified.

Core Curriculum (to be able to explain what your course will cover)

      • 1st Year 1st Term
        PDF - 138.8 kb
        1st Year Core Curriculum Term 1
      • 1st Year 2nd Term
        PDF - 97.1 kb
        1st Year Core Curriculum Term 2

Calendar - an example of what you can do

      • Version 1
        PDF - 59.5 kb
        1st Year Calendar Version 1
      • Version 2
        PDF - 68.9 kb
        1st Year Calendar Version 2

Participation grade (two versions)

      • Version 1
        PDF - 70.3 kb
        1st Year Participation Grade Version 1
      • Version 2
        PDF - 66.1 kb
        1st Year Participation Grade Version 2

Pair Work Activities with one student as the "teacher" and the other as the "student"

    • Number exercise: The page with the exercise
      PDF - 46.1 kb
      Numbers - Basic - Student
    • Number exercise: The page with the key for the partner playing the role of "teacher" with all the numbers written out in full
      PDF - 50.9 kb
      Numbers - Basic - Teacher

Grammar Exercises

    • A Review of Frequent Mistakes to be avoided by French-speaking students (UATs = Unspeakably Awful Translations)—on the QualityTime-ESL on a DVD or the Downloadable Version the exercise is in DOC, so it can easily be translated into other languages and thus used all over the world. The mistakes students make seem to be more or less the same everywhere! You can also add or remove expressions as you like, thus personalizing this pair work exercise.
      PDF - 170.4 kb
      Review of Frequent Mistakes UATs

Spontaneous Conversation

    • Socializing on Day 1
      PDF - 109.6 kb
      Socializing 1

Assignments: Poems to learn expressions and work on word stress

    • A Poem with "Make" & "Do" to learn by heart—there are many more such poems with worksheets and keys on the DVD
      PDF - 100.2 kb
      "Make" & "Do" Poem 1

Assignments: grammar in pair work

    • Time, Currencies and Alphabet Practice
      PDF - 118.7 kb
      Currencies, Time and Alphabet Practice

To get the modifiable materials in DOC go to Ordering the QualityTime-ESL Book on a DVD or the Downloadable Version

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