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Laughter: The Best Medicine

Marianne Raynaud, the coordinator of TESOL-France Grenoble will be presenting a workshop at the TESOL Spain Convention on March 11th at 9.30 in Bilbao. Her topic will be Laughter: The Best Medicine in the ESL Classroom". To see and download excerpts of some of her slides go to "Laughter".


March 31st and/or April 7th on "Helping Each Other to Become More Tech Literate - a Hands On Swap shop". Please write to marianne AT qualitytime-ESL.com to register if you’re interested.


PDF - 4.1 Mb


"Bring Out Your Students’ Inner Creativity!" Sat. February 25

Interested in adding drama to lessons? Looking for a way to boost learner confidence? Want to bring a little creativity to the classroom?

Come to a TESOL-France Grenoble Swap Shop on Saturday February 25th and exchange ideas on how to make lessons fun all the while tapping into learners’ creativity and providing a comfort zone to practice speaking skills. We will swap ideas on how to use works of art in various activities for a range of levels to stimulate creative thinking, build vocabulary, and work on intonation, and more.

Christina Rebuffet-Broadus will open the swap shop by presenting a selection of successful activities that have worked with students at the Pierre Mendès France University in Grenoble. She is interested in creativity and technology in the classroom as well as Dogme approaches. You can read about her ongoing experiment in Dogme at http://ilovetefl.wordpress.com.

Participants are also invited to bring their own ideas to share with their fellow creative teachers!

Please write to marianne AT qualitytime-ESL.com to register.

This event is FREE to TESOL France members. Non-members are kindly asked to pay the €8 registration fee at the door. We will provide refreshments.

If you like, becoming a member of TESOL France on the day will also be possible. Please fill out the online membership form in advance, if you would like to join. Go to http://www.tesol-france.org.

Date: Saturday February 25, 2012 from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Venue: 216 Rue Victor Hugo, Crolles

Express Bus No. 1 or bus No. 6020 take you from the center of Grenoble to the La Croix des Ayes bus stop. From there it is a four-minute walk.
Parking is available.

If you have any questions, please contact Marianne marianne AT qualitytime-ESL.com


Fall swapshop with no particular theme - just sharing ideas - Oct 2011 - a joint TESOL-France / APLIUT / Grenoble-INP event

Four speakers gave us insight into different areas of competence and the audience, as usual, participated actively with their own interesting contributions.

Write up about TESOL Grenoble Swap Shop Oct 2011

Or ead the article on the second to last page of "Teaching Times".

PDF - 4.1 Mb

Video: "Watching and Making Films" on Thursday 31st March - a joint TESOL-France / APLIUT / Grenoble-INP event

Dan Frost and Marianne Raynaud spoke about their filming experiences, comment on instructions for students, give some technical information and show a selection of films both short and fairly long. Colleagues were invited to bring their own student films and explain the procedures they followed.

The second part of the workshop was a discussion on how best to use videos in class for listening comprehension or to initiate debates. We had short presentations from colleagues. All ideas on the subject (where to find videos, how to download them and how to exploit them) were most appreciated.

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The third point on the agenda was brainstorming in groups on possible themes to be used for a student film activity and the elaboration of documents intended for the students.

The events are free for members of TESOL France or teachers at the hosting institutions.

For other participants the fee is €8.

The event was held in the center of town close to the railroad station at:

Département Informatique IUT2 UPMF

2 Place Doyen-Gosse

38031 Grenoble cedex

This series of workshops is a regions project started by TESOL France. TESOL workshops are conducted in English and bring dedicated teachers together to discuss more effective teaching techniques.

A recent workshop: "Using Podcasts in Language Teaching: Lab, Classroom and Assignment Activities"

It was held at GI (Grenoble-INP Ecole de Génie Industriel)

The presentation by Marianne Raynaud was followed by a swap shop on "Encouraging Our Students to Speak!" It was a great success with lively discussion and exchange among participants.

A swap shop is an exchange of ideas through short presentations and/or demonstrations by anyone interested in sharing materials or techniques.

Future Workshop Themes

The following are themes that we are planning to propose for our swap shops in the future. Please write to marianne AT qualitytime-ESL.com, if you are interested and do indicate your preferences.

  • Phonetics and Phonology (2) with Dan Frost – The follow-up of a previous workshop
  • Computer Literacy—The Basics with Elisabeth Anne (probably in May)
  • Student Presentations - Short/Informal & Longer/Formal
  • Having Students Create Their Own Teaching Materials
  • Using L1 in the Classroom—Without Speaking It—And Other Tricks to Develop Fluency
  • Creating Your Own Personalized Booklets
  • Testing (Both Oral and Written Tests)
  • Listening Comprehension: A New Approach
  • Getting All Your Students To Speak English in Class

Great TESOL-France events scheduled in May, June & November

There are several exciting events already planned in Paris such as the Colloquium and Spring Day.

More about TESOL France

TESOL events bring dedicated teachers together to discuss their discoveries and aspirations. Workshops are conducted in English and are based on the idea of working as a group to promote more effective teaching techniques.

I hope you will join us. I became a member two years ago and have found the experience to be very stimulating. Grenoble members will be able to attend meetings not only here but also in Paris. The big annual Colloquium will take place at the end of November. Don’t miss it! You can go to the TESOL France website for more information http://www.tesol-france.org.

Marianne Raynaud, Coordinator for TESOL France-Grenoble

PAST EVENTS IN GRENOBLE—Many of the events below can be rescheduled upon request

“Creating Your Own Booklets (Workbooks)" with Marianne Raynaud (Joint APLIUT/TESOL-France Swap Shop / Workshop)

How can we reduce our preparation time and make our classes less stressful? One solution involves publishing booklets (workbooks) for class activities and homework. Participants are invited to bring their computers and/or flash keys. They will be able to copy files on the spot and customize documents together with colleagues. Teamwork will be one of the main themes. We hope teachers will leave the workshop with 50-page booklets ready-to-print.

“Phonetics and Phonology” with Dan Frost and Marianne Raynaud (Joint APLIUT/TESOL-France Swap Shop / Workshop)

The idea behind this workshop is to present and discuss different materials and ideas about using phonetics and phonology to teach English for specific / academic purposes. This may include presenting tasks specifically aimed at improving pronunciation, oral comprehension or oral production, but may also include other ideas which also draw on or impact on the theme of this workshop.

The first part of the workshop will be given over to the presentation of tasks, and the second part to a discussion of some of the difficulties our students have in this area and how we can address these issues.

If you would like to present materials or tasks, please send your documents to both Marianne Raynaud and Dan Frost so we can print out copies for everyone before the workshop.

Workshop: "Effective Evaluation: Combining Written and Oral Testing" with Marianne Raynaud

Summary: Many ESL courses today focus on speaking skills. Thus it is essential to evaluate students orally and not only through written tests. The obstacles often encountered (lack of time, students too numerous, material inadequate, grading too subjective) will be addressed and solutions will be offered. Teachers will “test" actual materials using pair work to see which solutions could be used in their respective classes. Written tests will also be shown and discussed, but the emphasis will be on effective oral testing that firstly doesn’t require too much preparation, is easy to correct, is considered fair by the students and is motivating enough to bring about true progress. Participants will receive digital files of sample materials.

Swap shop: "Using Film and Song in the Classroom" with Sophie Pietrucci (and Marianne Raynaud)

Summary: This workshop is intended to be a theater of exchange on the subject of multimedia in the classroom. Sophie will prepare a booklet for participants with useful websites and ready-to-use activities, which will be demonstrated on the day of the workshop. Marianne will contribute links to song clips with subtitled lyrics and cloze exercise and discussion subjects.

Workshop: "Student Presentations—Making Them Beneficial and Worthwhile for Everyone!" with Marianne Raynaud, Coordinator Grenoble

Summary: Most teachers have their students do presentations. We will look at various types—short, long, formal, informal—that lead to effective language acquisition. Above all we will consider strategies that involve active participation from all the members of a class and not just the speakers. Short films will be shown with students interacting in class. Teachers will be invited to test guidelines given to students and to share their experiences while experimenting rotating pair work tehniques. A ten-page handout will be offered, and the digital files of explanations, instructions and exercises will be available on demand to teachers participating in the workshop.

"Maximizing Student Oral Production (STT) in ESL Classes" with Marianne Raynaud

Short film clips with students interacting in class were shown to illustrate activities that lend themselves to active oral participation. Participants discussed what favors and what discourages student participation in class. A 10-page handout with ready-to-use exercises and activities was given out. Teachers had an opportunity to test and evaluate these exercises. The workshop also focused on websites that offer effective resources and on Internet assignments that appeal to students and are easy to implement. All the links and activities mentioned during the workshop were made available to the participants.

"Swap Shop 1: Keep Them Talking!" with Sophie Pietrucci

In a very lively and formative session, participants shared exercises and activities that have worked well in ESL classes. Sophie brought and demonstrated a wide array of such materials, and teachers showed each other how to use their favorite activities. We encouraged teachers to send in their offerings but this was not an obligation. It was a very successful effort on the part of all to pool valuable resources.

“Going Independent” with Bethany Cagnol, Vice President TESOL France

In a great presentation—very much appreciated by the participants—Bethany explained how you can strike out on your own as an independent teacher. She gave practical information and evaluated the pros and cons for vacataires. A most valuable workshop! One participant has already gone independent thanks to information gathered at this wotkshop and others are planning to do so in the near future.

“Enhancing Student Participation and Creativity” with Marianne Raynaud

This workshop was a look into “no-sweat” strategies to get students to speak actively and correctly while using their creativity to bring new resources into the classroom. Participants learned ways of combining traditional activties with Internet-based materials to make students "speak" as much as possible in ESL classes.


Go to TESOL France.org for a list of events in Paris.

To read an article about the 2010 colloquium. For more information on the TESOL-France web site.


***November 6th, 2010*** Télécom ParisTech

Swap Shop: "Stand Up, Speak Out" with Sophie Pietrucci and Marianne Raynaud


Workshops are free to TESOL France members and teachers affiliated with the hosting school. €8 for non-members working elsewhere.

Thursday events in Grenoble have been held at IEG/CPPG - ENSIEG - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Electriciens de Grenoble - now part of ENSE3 - CPPG Cycle Préparatoire Polytechnique de Grenoble, 961, Rue de la Houille Blanche BP 46 - 38402 Saint Martin d’Hères

Website: http://www.ensieg.inpg.fr or http://www.ense3.fr

Or at the Département Informatique IUT2 UPMF, 2 Place Doyen-Gosse, 38031 Grenoble cedex

Website: http://www.iut2.upmf-grenoble.fr

Before the workshops HELD AT THE IUT we have been meeting for lunch at the China Moon restaurant (opposite the station) at 12 o’clock.

Participants are free to attend swap shops even if they do not contribute material. If, however, they have specific activities that have worked well for their students, and that they would be ready to share with the group, they should send in these files (or the links and explanations) so that they can be included in the workshop booklets. Write us to get further details.

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