The Raynaud Diet – A Free Diet to Change Your Body and Life!

I go on this diet, my diet as explained below, whenever I have gained weight after too much "celebrating" or "overeating" because of stress. Each time after only three days my body becomes used to reduced food intake without any sugar (carbs), without any food made from flour like bread and pasta, and no potatoes or rice, except brown rice. I eat only an adequate, appropriate amount of healthy fat. After three days, I no longer want to have that glass of alcohol or that sweetened snack. I just have to eat three meals a day at regular hours with lots of proteins, one fruit and plenty of vegetables. After a week, you’re very proud of yourself, and you are no longer tempted by all those forms of processed food or calorie-filled beverages. If you are serious about losing weight, read the recommendations below.

There are so many “fad” or “clinical” diets nowadays that it’s hard to choose. And on top of it, so called “experts in nutrition” are telling you don’t even have to restrict your food intake, because according to them diets just don’t work. I wish to tell you the contrary.

Here is a diet that is simple, easy to follow, logical and effective. I will give you the solution free of charge. There is no need to buy any books or sign up at a particular website! It worked for me, so I am quite sure it will work for others.

So if you are set on losing weight and fully determined to do so:

Rule number one: Will this do me good?

Before you put anything in your mouth, think about what it will do for your body. If the answer is, “This will not do me any good!”, then refrain from eating or drinking it. Don’t even take a small bite or single a sip. If on the contrary you say to yourself is “This will do me a lot of good!”, then indulge.

Rule number two: Knowing what to eat

The basic ideas to remember are: Sugar is the worst enemy. Processed food is definitely OUT. There are so many additives and lots of extra (hidden) sugar and salt. On the other hand, natural foods provide the best and healthiest solution. The cavemen were never fat, nor are people in underdeveloped countries where there are no Mac Donald’s.

Rule number three: Enjoy natural food

Learn to like or even love natural foods that have little or no sugar and not too much unhealthy fat like trans fat (in fast food, cookies, etc. and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) in soda, low-fat yogurt, frozen foods and more. Be sure to look at the labels. Teach your children to love natural food too. Figure out what your body burns and digests well and what you should stay away from. I, for one, eat very little bread and then only whole wheat bread and never any breads, pancakes, tarts or pies made with white flour. By respecting this simple rule, I avoid feeling bloated. In the past, I never liked dark chocolate, and I used to eat milk chocolate or even white chocolate in considerable quantities. Today I have gone over to dark, bittersweet chocolate with very little sugar and at least 85% real cocoa. My taste buds have changed, and I enjoy dark chocolate. I can even eat some every day with my expresso after lunch without putting on any weight.

Rule number four: Learn to like water.

When you come to think about it, water can be just as refreshing as soda pop or even alcohol. Alcohol makes you “think” that you feel more relaxed or less inhibited, which may be true for a short time. But soon after absorbing alcohol, you will feel the negative side effects.

I do not frown on alcohol for religious or other moral reasons, but simply because I have seen what it can do to my body. I wish to save others from the unfortunate consequences of an overdose of alcohol. The trouble is that today it is considered the “in” thing to drink alcohol. It’s fashionable. Now that people are beginning to stop smoking and thus clearing the air for non-smokers, it would be great if the population of this planet could cut down on alcohol too.

I know that I am infuriating the winemakers of France in particular, but “less alcohol trends” could make us change over to a saner way of life. By the way, it would cost us less and save us from sundry health problems. You can try to follow my recommendation, but I admit it is hard to stay away from that glass of red wine, especially here in France. So indulge a little, but be careful.

Rule number five: Exercise a little every day.

Whatever exercising you do is good for you. Swimming for 30 minutes is great, but so is walking, climbing the stairs, doing housework, walking the dog, strolling around the market, stretching or dancing in front of the TV or at a club. Just get up and move!

Rule number six: Remember you don’t need a lot of food.

The human body can survive on relatively little food if it gets enough water. People who eat small portions live longer and keep their brains healthier. I know it is tempting today to purchase too much food when supermarket shelves are stacked with alluring snacks and treats in bright colored packages. Just be sure to bring a list and stick to it in the store.

People who are overweight have too much fat in their bodies. They need to force their bodies to burn this fat. In hospitals, they recommend diets of under 1,000 calories whereas the normal diet is 2,000 to 2,500 for sedentary workers. Thus, by reducing the intake, your body will no longer stock the fat but instead burn the extra it has stored away according to its needs. The stomach shrinks, weight decreases and you feel much better - with a flatter tummy. At least, that has been my experience.

Rule number seven: Find other pleasures besides food and drink.

Eating and drinking should not be the main joys of your life. Find other more stimulating joys: companionship, friendship, sports, music, culture, reading, chatting. I for one am very talkative, and I speak four languages, which helps me to meet interesting people.

Rule number eight: Eat and drink slowly.

Firstly, it is very chic to eat or drink slowly. Gulping down one’s food and drink is so uncivilized. Furthermore, by eating slowly you reduce your food intake and by chewing for a long time on each piece you can enjoy the same quantity of food for much longer. Never ask for second helpings, and when you are at a restaurant, skip the cheese and have fruit instead of a sugary dessert. Or better still have a light starter instead of dessert.

Rule number nine: Never eat between meals

Do not eat anything between meals unless you’re really starving. If I feel hungry, I drink some herbal tea, eat a piece of fruit or some plain, ordinary yogurt. (Stay away from the low-fat yogurts as they are packed with sugar and so are the ones with added "fruit".) Eat a reasonably sized lunch with meat/fish, a vegetable and salad, but limit your intake in the evening before going to sleep. Fruits and vegetables are sufficient with a hot or cold drink. (Herbal tea is recommended).

Another reason for not eating between meals is to let your body repair itself and not spend all the time digesting your food intake.

Rule number ten: Go for balanced, varied nutrition

People become fat not because of a change in their genetic buildup but because of poor, unbalanced nutrition. Moreover, counting calories will not ensure that you get the right amount of healthy aliments. Drugs from the pharmacy in the form of diet meals or pills that are supposed to stop your craving serve only the “diet industry”, which is making huge profits. And you will forever be on a carousel going up and down a bumpy weight curve the rest of your life! Some of these pills or food substitutes are even dangerous. Remember you are trying to reach your perfect weight, but you want to protect your health as well.

Finally, anyone who follows the above rules will be in good health and feel slim the rest of his/her life. And that is worth the effort! Of course, you don’t have to be so strict about the rules once you have reached your ideal weight. Now and then you can celebrate with friends and indulge even with alcohol and sweet desserts, but it should be a special occasion.


Length of the diet:

Don’t fool yourself! It takes time to get down to healthy body weight. Try this diet for four to six weeks avoiding all forms of sugar, white flour and alcohol without cheating. Keep a journal of your daily intake. That will make you feel proud of your accomplishments! Then after six weeks, when you see the positive results, you can start having a glass of wine now and then with your meal.


It is not always easy to get on the scales particularly if you are traveling. And the settings may differ. I find it easier just to have a measuring tape in my cosmetics bag. Once a week I measure my hips. That is how I know if I have the right amount of body fat.


I promise you the change will be dramatic! You will love it, and so will your friends. With the money you will have saved by NOT purchasing sweets, snacks, alcohol, diet pills, substitute foods, books or online diet programs, you can buy a fantastic outfit for your now slim, trim body! And you can send me an e-mail to tell me how great you feel.

Best wishes,


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