Why A Document Annex?

Marianne Raynaud explains why she wrote a digital resource book for ESL professionals.

When I first started writing this book, I decided that I would have to be very specific and down-to-earth, in other words I would always "show concretely" the documents that I referred to. On calculating the number of documents I might wish to include, I reached approximately 800 to 900 items and that was without the 26 odd chapters of explanations and the hundreds of examples of student work! I realized that no editor would be interested in an 1,000 to 2,000-page guidebook for English teachers, and that was when I came upon the idea of offering a "digital resource book" with a document annex on a DVD. The present "Document Annex" contains over 1,300 items.

The Advantages of a DVD for the Book and Document Annex

The advantages of the DVD were numerous. First, I could offer all the documents in the A4 format. These documents would thus be "ready" for photocopying. The teachers would not have to do any "cutting and pasting" with paper. Second, I realized that I could have hyperlinks going from the text directly to the document annex, which would be another time saver for teachers. Third, I wouldn’t be limited as to the number of documents, so I could provide readers with a great many examples to choose from and even some examples of student work or recordings to go with the listening comprehension exercises or achievement tests. I could even include "computer generated Review Sheets" or PowerPoint presentations! Fourth, I could provide teachers both with "PDF" files containing ready-to-go exercises and "customizable" files, which the teachers could adapt according to their needs without having to retype long passages. Finally, I knew that if I produced a DVD, I would be able to include some of the extraordinary films the students had made on their own, and moreover I would even be able to add some of the films I had made of my own with students interacting in the classroom.

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