Poem No. 5 to Learn to Use "Do" (As Opposed to "Make") Correctly

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Do’s or Don’ts with the Verb “Do”

By Marianne Raynaud

My father would tell me what I should do,

“Do honor to family and always be true

Do your duty to country, and I tell you besides

Do the best that you can and never tell lies”


“Do things on purpose, and do as I say

And don’t let swindlers lead you astray

Do no harm to people, don’t damage our Earth

Know all livings things are of equal worth”


“Do justice to all, even if troubles you meet

Do your parents proud by doing a feat

Doing genuine favors to friends that you like

Will give you more joy than doing business all night"


“Do all your homework to do well at school

Do what you can and never be cruel"

Listen to your father when he threatens and says

"Such behavior as yours won’t do in our days’”


“What will you do when you have done your degree?

It’s the question that’s always been bothering me

But a father can’t do more than advise and then pray

Hoping nothing harmful will come in your way”


I could do(1) with a drink, so I’ll stop my talk here

If I did you in(2), I only meant to be clear

Warnings won’t do any good—that I know

But do well by(3) your family wherever you go


The words from my father they ring in my head

I believe they are true—every word that he said

I must do without him(4) Now ’cause he’s gone

But his "do’s and don’ts" are still my sweet song

Some phrasal words explained:

(1) do with = accept willingly, as it would do me good

(2) did you in = to tire you completely; exhaust you

(3) do well by = to behave with respect towards; deal properly with

(4) do without = manage without

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