IATEFL - "Student Presentations" with Marianne Raynaud

I spoke at the IATEFL Convention in Harrogate in2010 on "Making Student Presentations Effective and Beneficial for Everyone!" We viewed a great number of clips with students "performing" that show what we can easily get students to do…when they are motivated. These clips are obviously are not in the PDF files but are part of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book which can be purchased in our store.

Below you will find free PDFs of the PowerPoint as well as the handout in different files—so you can use them independently or in a booklet.

All the DOC files are found in…

You will get a pack for €3.99 with…

To purchase the pack for "Student Presentations" with the booklet and the teacher files for €3.99 click here.

Another way of accessing the free PDF files is to go to the IATEFL-British Council list of 2010 sessions and click on my name Marianne Raynaud. But here is the PDF free of charge.

Two versions: one for teachers and one for students

"Making Student Presentations Effective and Beneficial for Everyone!"

PDF - 10.4 Mb
"Making Student Presentations Effective and Beneficial for Everyone!" IATEFL 2010 MRaynaud

Here is the PPT of the slide presentation to be used directly with your students.

Handout for "Student Presentations by Marianne Raynaud

0 Back to the Basics-Vol. 2 Cover

The cover here is a PDF, but if you purchase the "Back to the Basics Vol. 2 pack" you will get the cover plus all the other files in DOC. You will be able to create your own cover with YOUR name on it! And you will be able to add extra informations e.g. deadline dates for the presentations in your own personalized booklet.

PDF - 28.1 kb
0 Back to the Basics-Vol. 2 Cover

1 Introductions Assignment

PDF - 131.1 kb
1 Introductions-Assignment QT-ESL

2 Survey Assignment

PDF - 120.2 kb
2 Survey-Assignment

3 ESL Website Assignment

PDF - 92.6 kb
3 ESL Website-Assignment

4 Project Assignment PPT

PDF - 113.1 kb
4 Project Assignment with a PPT

5 Language Exchange Assignment

PDF - 93 kb
5 Language Exchange-Assignment

6 Oral Synthesis Model

PDF - 104.6 kb
6 Oral Synthesis-Model

7 Tribune Assignment

PDF - 67.1 kb
7 Tribune-Assignment

8 Film Summary Assigment

PDF - 94.4 kb
8 Film Summary-Assigment

9 Biography Assignment

PDF - 93 kb
9 Biography-Assignment

10 Sales Pitch-Assignment & Example-Advice

PDF - 83.3 kb
10_Sales Pitch-Assignment & Example-Advice

I have include here the PDF of Rounds Students 12 Letters Grading

PDF - 55.4 kb
Rounds- Students 12-Letters_Grading

You will find many more rounds patterns for class sizes from 9 to 24 and even more in QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book.

Enjoy your moments with student presentations! The students should be speaking and not the teacher! The teacher needs to rest—now and then!

Best regards,

Marianne Raynaud

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