Free ESL Digital Calendar 2010-2011

Dear friends and colleagues,

Below you will find…

A calendar in MS Word for 2010-2011

You can customize it to make it your own. You simply write your own name(s), your school and the days when you teach in the place of what I have written about myself in the MS Word version. First you can look at the example of a fictitious filled-in calendar—the same as the one in this picture.

JPEG - 79.1 kb
Calendar Example 2010-11

A filled-in calendar

The example of a filled-in calendar comes in two files:

  • PDF (to see what it is like on my computer)
    PDF - 99.6 kb
    Filled-In Calendar Example 2010-11
  • MS Word (to customize it)
    Word - 372 kb
    Fillied-In Calendar Version 2010-2011

The blanked-out calendar

Or you can use the blanked-out file to start your own:

  • PDF
    Word - 363.5 kb
    Calendar Version 2010-2011
  • MS Word
    PDF - 79.1 kb
    Calendar Version 2010-2011

My first calendar

I was shown a similar calendar, handwritten on paper, twenty-five years ago, and it inspired me to make up my own calendars. I use them whenever I need to have students sign up for activities—mainly presentations of different kinds.

A date and number activity

Actually the signing up becomes an excellent date and number activity on its own. While choosing the dates of their presentations the students are practicing this language in a real context. I have them raise their hands and say for example, “I would like to do my tutorial on Wednesday October 3rd or “I would like to do my project presentation with my partner X on Thursday December 2nd.”


The NEW EDITION of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book Version 5.0 on a DVD is now available! You will find more than 1,500 files most of which you can customize like the calendar.

To celebrate we are CUTTING THE PRICES of all our products in the store including the book on a DVD.

Good luck! I hope this calendar works as well for you as it has always done for me.


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Filled-In Calendar Example 2010-11
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