A Digital ESL Resource Book

Marianne Raynaud has put her two-year ESL (English as a Second Language) university course on a DVD entitled "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book", and now she has developed a downloadable version. For both versions she has created a simple-to-use DOCUMENT ANNEX with text, audio and PowerPoint presentations. On the DVD there are also video clips made by her students. A vast number of exercises, tests and examples of student work as models are included in both versions. MR with the computer
"Digital" means...

  • All the ESL documents (more than 1,500) are on a DVD (compatible PC or Mac) with files in PDF, DOC, MP3 and video. The downloadable version is lighter with more than 1,000 files in PDF, DOC, a few MP3s but no video . (Open with 7-zip software free from 7-zip.org.
  • All the "paper" exercises or keys are in A4 format ready for printing and photocopying
  • Most of the files describing course requirements are in "MS Word"/"DOC" and can easily be "customized" (no need to retype the texts)
  • Student assignments such as "Review Sheets" can be uploaded to intranet sites and then downloaded by the students as assignments
  • Numerous exams (written and oral) are available both in "PDF" and in "modifiable" Word/DOC files

Hyperlinks: Another advantage of the "Digital" ESL resource book

  • The DVD and the downloadable version both include 24 chapters with explanations of the QualityTime philosophy and practical advice for teachers
  • In these chapters there are hyperlinks enabling the reader to obtain quickly on a computer screen the documents being referred to

PowerPoint Presentations and even video clips by students!

  • PowerPoint presentations by the author
  • PowerPoint presentations by QualityTime-ESL students for use as models
  • Video clips written, filmed and edited by QualityTime-ESL students that can inspire students at other institutions to do the same

A selection of podcast materials are included in the DVD version: "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" (1-40), "Your English Podcasts" (1-20), 5-Min TOPs, and Essential English for Beginners with scripts and worksheets in PDF and DOC.

For persons, who only want parts of the book, packs of scripts and worksheets, or ready-to-print booklets and listening comprehension packs "Narratives" are sold separately.

"QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" enables teachers to...

  • Define specific requirements for programs using QualityTime-ESL templates as models
  • Provide a variety of effective "speaking" activities
  • Develop effective teamwork by using QualityTime-ESL exercises and keys
  • Produce "customized" teaching documents and even publish their own booklets using files from the QualityTime-ESL DVD plus their own of course.
  • Use podcasts with oral drills to practice important grammar points

Please visit the store for a complete list of available products.

QualityTime Initiation Seminars

  • Seminars animated by the author to teach participants how to use most effectively the material on the QualityTime-ESL DVD

To purchase the "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" book just go to our store.

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