Booklet for Day 1 - ESL course

I mentioned in the "Study Plan for Day 1" a "booklet" teachers could give out. By putting together the materials mentioned in "Study Plan for Day 1" and others found under the heading "Free 1st Year Materials", you can easily publish a short booklet for your students. You will soon have 10, 20 or even more pages to print in recto/verso to save trees! And impress your students! Here is more advice on how to do it.


Start with a cover. This file can be modified to suit your needs. Just type in the name of your school, your name and your colleagues names and the title of the course. Give a date too.

"A Cover"

Word - 43 kb
Year 1 Cover
Word file to make up a cover for the booklet

An explanation of objectives of the course

Here is a file in PDF and another file that can be modified to suit your needs.

"Course Objectives.PDF"

PDF - 67.5 kb
Yr1_Course_Objectives for the first term

"Course Objectives.WORD"

Word - 33.5 kb
Yr1_Course_Objectives for the first term that is modifiable

A syllabus

Here is an example. The modifiable version is on the QualityTime-ESL DVD with many more. To buy the DVD just go to "Ordering the DVDs".

"Yr1 Curriculum T1 PDF"

PDF - 63.8 kb
Yr1_Curriculum_T1_PDF as an example


Supply a calendar for the coming school year. It is a convenient way to work on numbers and dates while scheduling presentations or assignments. This one is for 2007-08, but the same one can be updated easily each year just by moving the column of dates up or down. If you do not have WORD or if WORD shuts down on frequently, you can open all WORD documents with OPEN OFFICE, which is free. You will find it on the Internet.

"Yr1 Calendar Version1"

Word - 100 kb
Calendar that can be updated each year

Sign Up Chart

Here is a model which is quite detailed just to give you some ideas. Then there a modifiable file in WORD, which might suit your needs. Just type in the dates or have the students write in the dates as an exercise. Of course you can make up an even better sign up sheet on your own!

"Yr1 Sign Up Chart PDF"

PDF - 75.8 kb
1st Year Sign Up Chart.pdf
Example of a sign up chart

"Yr1 Sign Up Chart Word"

Word - 57.5 kb
1st Year Sign Up Chart WORD
Sign Up Chart - modifiable

Introductions - An Assignment

"Introductions - An Assignment"

PDF - 52.7 kb

Spelling exercise - 2 Pages

"Spell to Partner PDF"

PDF - 52.4 kb
Spell to Partner

Or in a modifiable form
"Spell to Partner Word"

Number exercise

Student page
"Number exercise Student"
Teacher page
"Number exercise Student"

Listening comprehension No. 1 : "Honesty"


PDF - 46.8 kb
Honesty Cloze exercise

"Honesty Assignment"

Here for Day 1 is a 14 page booklet ready to go or almost! If you purchase the QualityTime-ESL Digital Resource Book, you will find 1,300 files to choose from to make up your booklets with exercises or explanations of activities and examples of student work. There is a whole section on writing booklets with numerous suggestions to make up your own original versions. To buy the DVD just go to "Ordering the DVDs".

Marianne Raynaud

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