TESOL France / Spain Workshops on "Laughter"

Dear colleagues,

My workshops this year at the TESOL Spain Convention and the TESOL France Spring Day are on Laughter: The Best Medicine in the ESL Classroom.

Below you will find exercises you can print and use in class as well as some excerpts from my slide show that you can show your students. In my workshops I have been demonstrating how to use these materials effectively in pair work. They are designed to make your students speak a lot and all at the same time thus dramatically increasing STT (Student Talking Time).

  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - A Twitter Spelling Exercise
    PDF - 747.7 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - A Twitter Spelling Exercise
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - A Twitter Spelling Exercise.ppt
    PowerPoint - 276.5 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - A Twitter Spelling Exercise PPT
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Numbers
    PDF - 752.7 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Numbers
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Numbers.ppt
    PowerPoint - 221.5 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Numbers PPT
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Quiz on Geography
    PDF - 1.7 Mb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Quiz on Geography
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Quiz on Geography.ppt
    PowerPoint - 138.5 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Quiz on GeographyL
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Surveys
    PDF - 1.1 Mb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Surveys
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Surveys.ppt
    PowerPoint - 2.4 Mb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Surveys PPT
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Science Car Ad Assignment
    PDF - 112.3 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Science Car Ad Assignment
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Time for Speed-Dating
    PDF - 3.1 Mb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Time for Speed-Dating
  • M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Time for Speed-Dating.ppt
    PowerPoint - 781.5 kb
    M.Raynaud-QualityTime-ESL - Time for Speed-Dating PPT

If you have any questions, you can write to me: marianne AT QualityTime-ESL DOT COM.

If you want additional effective teaching materials, you can purchase QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book, which is now available in a downloadable version (90 MB zip file) for €14.99 or in the complete DVD format (more audio and many student videos) for €29.

If you opt for the downloadable version through our store, you will get over 3,000 pages (over 1,500 files-mostly in DOC) transferred to your desktop in just a few minutes for €14.99 - secure payment through PayPal at our store.


You will receive two emails. The 1st is the confirmation email. The 2nd one contains a link, which is valid for a few days—see the date given in the email. To open the zip file, you can download the free software at www.7-zip.org, which we recommend highly.

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