Your English 43 Lindbergh Accomplishes a Feat-Part 1

Part 1 offers both a continuous reading and a listen-and-repeat sequence to help you progress. (Part 2 is in podcast 44.)} nowadays we talk a lot about people who accomplish feats. This recording is about Charles Lindbergh’s first solo flight across the Atlantic in 1927. It is followed by questions on the importance of feats in our society.

The transcript and the oral exercises] for pairwork [in the DOC format are to be found in QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book}. They are part of the 1,500 files available in our digital book.

Your English 43 "Lindbergh - Part 1"


MP3 - 9.2 Mb
Your English 43 Lindbergh Accomplishes a Feat Pt1

For advice about the use of scripts for pairwork in class, see Your English No. 1 and the sample script.

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