Testimonials from Colleagues

Below are testimonials from teachers who are currently using Marianne Raynaud’s materials in their courses.

I always appreciate activity that is grounded in a coherent philosophy.

I have truly enjoyed reading QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book and going through the files in the Document Annex. The more I read of Marianne’s book, the clearer the philosophy which guides her teaching becomes—respect yourself and others, enjoy what you do and pass on the enjoyment to others. I see she makes every effort to ensure that her work will bear fruit. She doesn’t waste time—hers or anyone else’s. She builds rewards into the process, preparing ahead rather than regretting later. I agree with these principles and have tried to base my past teaching on them. Like Marianne, I learned from my mistakes. Even when things are difficult, we mustn’t lose hope. That’s why I appreciate so much the mentoring Marianne offers to those who read her materials.

Mary Tanzy, ESL tutor and editor, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


I have muddled around in teaching English enough to recognize the work of a master.

When I happened upon www.qualitytime-esl.com I came to the end of my efforts to find or compose worthy exercises for my students. Thanks to Marianne’s consummate work I can now spend my time assisting them in improving their conversation skills.

Bill Gehl, ESL teacher Bucarest, Romania


This book is really amazing!

Sophie Petrucci, Paris Tech Telecom Paris, France


I have learned more from Marianne Raynaud than from any other teacher.

Penelope Moffatt, Professor, Faculty of Law (University of Poitiers, France


The dynamic techniques explained in this book make teaching ESL truly enjoyable!

Anna Jeannesson, Professor, Institute of Political Sciences (University of Grenoble, France)


Marianne Raynaud is the most inspirational colleague I have ever worked with.


Grace Wilson, Professor, Polytech (University of Grenoble, France)

Teaching together as a team with Marianne was an experience I will never forget.

I wish to add that Marianne Raynaud is a striking and amazing example of what an enthusiastic and competent teacher can be. I wish to thank her for everything she showed me, which I now apply to my own teaching!

Lis Leschelt Robinson, Professor of English, formerly at INPG and now at Lycée Vaucanson, Grenoble, France


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