Your English 47 Action Words for CVs-Exercises 1

This podcast Is a continuation of episode number 46 and offers pronunciation practice with verbs in the simple past that you might want to use in a CV, in a report or at a job interview. It may seem hard work having to focus on the different endings of regular verbs ending in /ed/. But this is a way for learners to perfect their use of the language.

To get a list of the verbs we will be practicing, please go to episode number 46 and download the PDF.


MP3 - 9.8 Mb
Your English 47 Action Words for CVs-Exercises 1

The transcript in Doc} is to be found in the DVD version of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book}. It is one of the 1,500 files available in this digital book.

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To get the scripts of the all the recordings of the "Your English" series in different packs in DOC format} go to DVDs (Book-Podcasts-Film).

For advice about use of scripts for pair work in class, see Your English No. 1 and the sample script.

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