QT-ESL 71 Irregular Verbs Group 5

In this episode we continue our intensive practice with irregular verbs. The verbs are presented in different groups, which makes it easier to memorize and learn them well. First there is a listen and repeat section followed by an exercise where the learner hears short sentences in the simple present and has to put them in the simple past tense.

If students learn these verbs properly and are able to use them, then they will have no difficulty working with the story "Was It Love?" in which we plan to include more than 140 irregular verbs. Will we, here at QualityTime-ESL be able to meet the challenge of placing all these verbs in one single story? That is the big question.

One last remark: doing this oral work is far more challenging than doing written exercises. QualityTime-ESL Podcasts are intended for hard-working learners who really want to perfect their English and are willing to make the effort required.

The script of this episode is offered free of charge in the PDF file, and the first half is also found below directly on this page.


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QT-ESL 71 Irregular Verbs Group 5 PDF

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QT-ESL 71 Irregular Verbs Group 5

Hi there! I’m Marianne Raynaud, and I want to help you improve your level of spoken English. This series of podcasts is designed for you to master correct usage through oral practice. For vocabulary and pronunciation work, try our other series called “Your English”.

With irregular verbs we advise you to study their meanings in your own language and then memorize the infinitive, the simple past and the past participle for each verb. To make learning less difficult we have put the irregular verbs into groups.

In group 5 the simple past and past participle are different. These verbs all have infinitives ending in “ow” except for “fly,” “draw,” “withdraw” and “sew.” Most of them form the simple past by changing the main syllable from “ow” to “ew” (example: grow-grew). However, four verbs have regular simple past tenses and irregular past participles. They are “show”, “sew”, “mow” and “sow”. The past participle of all the verbs in group 5 is easy. It is formed by adding “n” to the infinitive (example: blow-blown). There is only one exception “fly” ending with a “y,” which becomes “flown.” Now listen and repeat.

to blow blew blown
to grow grew grown
to know knew known
to throw threw thrown
to fly* flew flown
to draw* drew drawn
to withdraw* withdrew withdrawn
to mow mowed mown
to show showed shown
to sew* sewed sewn
to sow sowed sown

N.B. sew = "use a needle and thread" & sow = "put seeds in the soil" are pronounced exactly the same:
* Infinitives ending in “y”, “aw” or “ew”

To practice some more we’ll use these verbs in short sentences. I will say two sentences for each verb: one in the simple present and one in the simple past. Listen and repeat.

He blows his nose often.
He blew his nose often.
They grow vegetables.
They grew vegetables.
She knows the answer.
She knew the answer.
He throws the ball very fast.
He threw the ball very fast.
The children fly kites.
The children flew kites.
I draw portraits.
I drew portraits.
He withdraws when he has lost.
He withdrew when he had lost.

Next you will change a sentence in the present to the simple past. Listen to the examples.
I say: He blows his nose often.
You say: He blew his nose often.
I say: They grow vegetables.
You say: They grew vegetables.

Now you go on in the same way. Be sure to speak before I give the answer. (Sentences above.)

The whole script with a proper layout is in the PDF file:

PDF - 268.3 kb
QT-ESL 71 Irregular Verbs Group 5 PDF

Your English

You can also go to our other series called Your English for a story entitled Was it Love? where we are planning to use more than 140 irregular verbs. Quite a challenge! Will we manage? That is the question? Follow us to find out. By the way, if you have worked on all the exercises on irregular verbs in this, the ” QualityTime-ESL Podcasts series, you will easily understand the story in our series Your English.

Intensive pair work

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