Table of Contents - “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”

1. My Philosophy, My Experience or What I Know After thirty Years of Teaching English

2. The Key to Success or How Teamwork and a Core Curriculum Made Teaching So Satisfying

3. The Tutorial System or How Individualizing My Teaching Changed My Life as a Teacher

4. A Real Lab Program or How to Make Your Students Enjoy Lab

5. The Core Curriculum or It Takes Many Years Before You Know What You are Really Teaching

6. So What is the Secret? Or Tell Me How You Do It in Just One Minute!

7. How to Choose Exercises for the Language Lab or How to Make the Lab Motivating for Different Levels at the Same Time

8. Creating Your Own Teaching Materials or How to Write (or Choose)
Exercises that Correspond to Your Students’ Needs

9. Written Work and the Frustrations of Correcting Assignments or How to Help Your Students Actually Assimilate Your Corrections

10. The Assignment Page or How to Give Your Students a Challenging Workload Without Hearing Them Complain

11. Intensive Pair Work or How to Get Students to Enjoy Working on Grammar and Vocabulary

12. Review Sheets, Howlers, Poems etc. or How to Vary Assignments and Make Students Creative

13. Appropriate Evaluation or Why Teaching Can’t Be Effective Without Effective Testing Techniques

14. Giving Short Presentations and Formal Talks or How to Turn Oral Performances into a Profitable Experience for All

15. Creating a Common Program or How to Set Up an Effective and Successful Language Syllabus

16. Being Professional: Timing and the Notion of Perfection or It’s All about Putting on a Show!

17. Multi-Media Today or Why Put All Your Eggs in One Basket?

18. The Importance of Learning from Others or One Little Idea Can Go a Very Long Way

19. Recipes or Putting Both Discipline and Fun Into English Class

20. Recruiting and Coordinating With Temporary Personnel or The Huge Headache of Administrative Regulations

21. Respect versus Authority or What Image Should We Try to Project as Teachers?

22. Starting Over or If I Had to Start from Scratch Today

Conclusion: All Good Things Must Come to an End!


NB. On the QualityTime-ESL DVD you also have the digital Document Annex, which includes the 1,500 files that are referred to in the chapters above.

If you paperback copy does not come with the DVD please contact the author at http://www.qualitytime-esl.com for further details.

To purchase the book on a DVD go to 2 DVDs + 1 CD (Book-Film-Podcasts) + Downloadable Packs.

For sample materials go to the directory on this site.

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