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¡Felíz navidad! Spanish Christmas Carols and Audios

Monday 5 December 2016 by Ben — Spanish

Classic Spanish Songs, From Chile to Flamenco…

Wednesday 30 November 2016 by Ben — Spanish

Expensive Spanish Mistake!

Wednesday 26 October 2016 by Ben — Spanish
Image – Madrid's Retiro Park When our boiler broke the other day (No hot water for showers! No heating just as it gets colder in Madrid!), I (Ben) was left in charge of dealing with the plumber that came round to fix it. He found the problem, and as he was getting to work on (...)

A New Spanish Word, after 18 years!

Monday 10 October 2016 by Ben — Spanish
Deep in the basement of Madrid's beautiful old Mercado Vallehermoso, where fruit stalls are being replaced by cool eateries, I found this notice on the back of the toilet door. Can you guess which word I'd never heard after 18 years living in Spain? Pulcritud! Who can be the first to look it up (...)

Tener Mano Izquierda and Other Untranslatable Spanish Words and Phrases

Thursday 6 October 2016 by Ben — Spanish

Our Secret Real Spanish Supply

Thursday 2 June 2016 by Ben — Spanish
Hola! There is a huge wealth of real Spanish in our free special reports archive, and there's a good chance you haven't seen it yet! Zero to Fluent in Spanish in 9 months, Conversation Starters, 11 Cool People Phrases in Spanish – these plus 8 more super useful PDF's can be found right (...)

Notes in Spanish Spring Special Sale

Monday 30 May 2016 by Ben — Spanish
Queridos amigos, We've got a cool Spanish phrase for you, and news of our spring sale. Once again it's been a wonderful rainy spring so far in Madrid, full of wild flowers. Here is one of our favourite phrases that we often hear at this time of year: Hasta el 40 de mayo no te (...)

Mas feliz que un regaliz – Spanish Happiness Phrases

Tuesday 5 January 2016 by Ben — Learn Spanish Phrases

Your Super Spanish September! Special Sale On Now!

Wednesday 2 September 2015 by Ben — Spanish
Hola Amigos, Once again… Ya toca la vuelta al cole – It's time to go back to school! That's an expression you hear a lot on the streets now as the holidays come to an end and Spanish schools start up again this week here in Madrid. The learning year always feels like it starts (...)

Mas feliz que un regaliz – Spanish Happiness Phrases

Wednesday 14 January 2015 by Ben — Learn Spanish Phrases

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