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These booklets and packs will help you provide you students with useful written materials to get them to perfect their spoken English.

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Files for Mobile Devices (Downloadable Booklets and Packs)

At QualityTime-ESL we have just launched a series of PDF files for our podcasts available in our store. They will enable you to follow the script while you do the oral exercises. It is best to speak without having to look at the scripts, but the first time through or in case of difficulties we wish to avoid making our listeners feel frustrated.

DVDs & Downloads in our Store (Digital Book-Film-Podcasts-Packs) (Downloadable Booklets and Packs)

Go to the store to purchase "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" on a DVD or in a downloadable version, complete student booklets with advice and keys for the teacher on "Pair Work", "Student Presentations", and "Pronunciation" or the transcripts of the three series of podcasts "QualityTime-ESL", "Your English" and "5 Minute TOPs". There is also a set of 5 listening comprehension exercises with written exercises, pair work activities and debate subjects. You can use PayPal as indicated. You can even purchase downloadable podcasts in packs of 10 scripts and worksheets.

An ESL Booklet—For Effective Pair Work Activities—Ready to Print (ESL Booklets Ready to Print)

Downloadable booklet with keys ready to print for €1.99: "Back to the Basics: Volume 1". The emphasis is on pair work activities for ESL/EFL/ELT students. They can be used with all levels (A2-C1) after two years of study. (A2-C1). Booklet files are in MS Word so teachers can personalize them. Pair work means students learn and correct themselves while working in pairs. Instructions and advice are included in the pack.

An ESL Booklet—For Good Student Presentations—Ready to Print (ESL Booklets Ready to Print)

We are now introducing "Back to the Basics Volume 2: Short Student Presentations", a complete booklet of instructions for students and many examples of PPTs (more than 70 files - a very big download that may take some time depending on Internet speed.

The files in the booklets can be used with all levels (A2-C1) and can personalized.

What Users Say about Marianne’s DVDs, Packs & Booklets (Downloadable Booklets and Packs)

The enthusiasm for our products has pleased us immensely. Here are some of the spontaneous comments we have been receiving from teachers: A 3 year-old little boy is starting to repeat your lessons! I will be happy to recommend your website to my Literacy Volunteers organization! I will (...)

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