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Building a Course

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Suggested Lesson Plan for Day 1 (Building a Course)

Advice and suggestions for an ESL course (English language learning program) with activities for pair-work and for an hour in the language lab (audio). Activities that work well even with heterogeneous groups going from weak intermediate to advanced learners. The emphasis is placed on "helping each other progress." If there is no a lab, students can do the "lab activities" in a computer lab, with MP3 players (iPods) with a CD player in class or just with the scripts in pair-work.

Pair Work Activities for Day One (Or Later…) (Building a Course)

Pairwork activities for ESL/ELT/EFL courses with spelling and number exercises prepared in a booklet ready to print in MS Word format to be personalized. Activities that are appealing, fun yet serious learning tools, will provoke laughter and amusement while teaching students the alphabet, signs and figures. Minimal fee for the booklet.

Sample Materials to Organize and Start Off a Course (Building a Course)

For ESL/EFL teachers: Core Curriculum, Calendar, Participation Grade explanations, Pair Work Activities (alphabet, spelling, numbers, grammar exercises, "A Review of Frequent Mistakes to be Avoided"), "Socializing", "Poems with Make and Do", "Currencies and Time Idioms"

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