TESOL Spain Convention March 7th-9th 2008

Below you will find the explanations of the handout and links to the website pages and podcasts I mentioned in my presentation last March in Spain.

But before that let me give you the names of all the excellent speakers I listened to. You will find the summaries of their talks on the TESOL Spain website.

Two extraordinary plenary speakers

David Crystal: The Future of Englishes & Language Play: from Scrabble to Babble

Ben Goldstein: The Image of English

Other very good presentations:

Mark Hancock Enjoying Learning: Intrinsic Motivation in Adult ELT Classes

Amanda Ingram Teacher Reflections – Steps towards Development Reflection on where we are at in our career and how to improve as a teacher

Jacqueline Cook Training, not Testing: Integrating Exams into the FCE - Using material from international exams to help students gain fluency

Enric Llurda The Coming of Age of Non-Native Speakers in ELT - Debate on discrimination within ESL teaching and what English to teach

Angela Alvarez-Cofino Early Learning of English and Contents through Collaborative Projects - a wonderful talk on ESL in primary schools in Spain

Seamus 0 Muirchartaig Towards a Definition of Effective Feedback on Teaching (I didn’t attend but heard it was very good.)

Makoula Malyari Sound It Up! On teaching pronunciation: Games and Exercises Makoula has written several pages for teachers on useful games and drills.


"Adapting IT to a Traditional Curriculum"

All the documents below can be found in “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book” in MS Word files that can be customized:

Among traditional exercises that work very well certain are on the page "Sample 1st Yr Materials"

    • Spell to Partner
    • Numbers Basic Student
    • Numbers Basic Teacher

Others are only in “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”

    • Review of Tenses
    • Numbers Dictation & Written Exercise
    • Contractions-Fill Ins
    • Contractions-Key
    • One-Sided Interview - Job Application
    • Socializing 1

Documents of the handout in color (for tutorials)

    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Christmas
    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Bees
    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Samurais
    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Milk Cartons
    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Friends
    • Yr2_Tutorial1 Fire

Films made by students

Pages with Useful Websites or Information About iTunes

Useful ESL Web Sites 1

Useful ESL Web Sites 2