Effectiveness of QT-ESL Exercises

An answer to the question "Are the exercises valid i.e. really effective?"

You may be asking yourselves: How can you know for a fact that the exercises and the explanations in this book are really valid? How can we be sure that activities such as tutorials, talks, oral syntheses, project presentations, training period reports, round tables, snappy debates are really effective? All I can say is that students often write to me to tell me how useful the booklets have been for them, and they have reacted with great enthusiasm in surveys conducted by myself or simply by my institute in an anonymous form.

Furthermore, much of this material is presently being used in numerous engineering schools in my hometown Grenoble and in other cities in France. I hope that the testimonials from readers and colleagues, who worked with me over the years, will prove to you that the "advice" I give in "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" is indeed worthwhile...

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