Written Exercises Available for LC

There are numerous written exercises (oral and written worksheets, cloze and grammar exercises, essay assignments, debate questions, and more) that accompany our listening comprehension recordings. Some are offered in the PDF format on this site in our section "Lesson Plans." All these materials are in the Document Annex of QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource BookVersion 2.0 together with 1,500 other files.

Several recordings can be found on the page Listening Comprehension and downloaded directly to your computer. They all come with both continuous readings and listen and repeat readings.

Normally, you should work through them in this order:

No. 1 Honesty
No. 2 When the Iceberg Arrives/The Iceberg Project
No. 3 The End of the World is Near
No. 4 The Little Car That Could

These listening comprehension texts contain 128 of the basic structures learners need to feel comfortable with English. All this in just four texts!

You will also find all the main verb tenses and masses of useful vocabulary in these texts and their accompanying exercises. If learners memorize these texts and practice reciting them, they will progress very quickly.

Parts of the written exercises may contain words or sentences in French, as they were originally written for French-speaking students. Teachers all over the world can easily convert these exercises using the DOC files and typing in a translation in the native language of their students. Thus the exercises will be customized to suit the needs of the learners everywhere! Teachers will be proud that they are offering their students personalized materials.

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