How to Make the Most of This Digital Book

The "Document Annex" of the digital resource book "QualityTime-ESL" serves two purposes. Firstly, it gives teachers the opportunity to see concrete examples of what I speak about in the different chapters. Secondly, it contributes to the main objective of this guidebook, which is to help teachers set up a language program of their own and produce the kind of "personalized booklets" or workbooks that I recommend.

The fact that it is a "digital" resource book makes it relatively easy for the teacher to find the document that I refer to. Teachers click on the hyperlinks in the texts as they read the twenty-odd chapters of the book. Whenever they find "activities" or "explanations of assignments" that they wish to include in their booklets, they can thus access them directly from the different chapters and print them as they are ready to be photocopied. Teachers can also look for a particular file or a general theme in the main text (the single file) by using keywords. I have, of course, not spoken about every single one of the 1,500 files in the Document Annex, but much advice concerns entire folders.

There is a second possibility. Teachers can go directly to the "Tree Structure" of the Document Annex and do search a for the materials they wish to use.

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