QT-ESL: Beatles Song Videos—With Subtitles in English (Closed Captions)

Beatles songs are perfect for learning English. Their vocabulary, is useful, the lyrics are easy to understand, and their music that is well known over the whole world. They provide an excellent way to communicate with different nationalities through the universal meaning of these songs. Using Beatles songs with subtitles is an excellent way to get students to sing together in class. Here is my selection:

Songs with CC (Closed Captions)

N.B. Unfortunately, many songs clips I previously selected have been removed from YouTube. What a pity! But you can certainly find other links and covers of these songs by enthusiastic amators.

Watch Yesterday or Yesterday

Watch Let It Be

  • Lyrics of "Let it Be"
    PDF - 53.3 kb
    Let It Be
  • Lyrics of "Let it Be" - "Yesterday" - "Help" (one page)
    PDF - 51.6 kb
    Let It Be - Yesterday - Help

Watch I Should Have Known Better

  • Cloze exercise and key
    PDF - 26.9 kb
    I Should Have Known Better-Key
  • Cloze exercise key
    PDF - 26.7 kb
    I Should Have Known Better

Watch Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Watch All You Need Is Love

Watch Imagine

Watch Imagine (without CC)

Watch Michelle

Watch Paperback Writer

Watch I Want to Hold Your Hand or I Want to Hold Your Hand

Watch I Should Have Known Better

Watch The Fool On the Hill

Watch A Day in the Life

Watch Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

Watch Penny Lane

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