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Back to the Basics Volume 2: Short Student Presentations

Good student presentations make speaking and listening enjoyable for everyone present.

This volume (with more than 70 files) includes a student booklet that is ready-to-print and use in class. It will help your students give short professional presentations. There is also a teacher’s booklet with examples, advice, drawings and many PowerPoint slide shows. The downloadable pack of the Back to the Basics Series is available in our store.

The files in our student booklets can be used with all levels after two years of study (A2-C1). These files are in MS Word so that teachers can personalize them. Guidelines, requirements, and vocabulary to be used are found in both the student booklet and in the teacher’s guide. This information is to help teachers and students alike.

The Internet is full of excellent resources, and this student booklet will help students use the Internet effectively to produce original work. You will be able to guide them and help them improve their presentation skills progressively.

If you are like most teachers and have very little time to spend preparing classes, this pack of files will be handy.

We are certain that you will find this pack very useful, and we offer you a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

Description of the student booklet

0 Back to the Basics-Vol. 2 Cover

1 Introductions

2 Survey

3 ESL Website

4 Project presentation with a PPT

5 Language Exchange

6 Oral Synthesis (Model)

7 Tribune

8 Film Summary

9 Biography

10 Sales Pitch

Customizing your booklets

Most of the files are in MS Word, so if you want to add notes or translations into your students’ native language or your name, you can do so without difficulty. You can change the layout or the font, but please keep the indication “QualityTime-ESL” as often as possible. The mention of our website will encourage students to come and work on our free oral drills that are very effective cf. "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" and “Your English”.

Final word

You may wish to use only a couple of pages from the pamphlet and assign one or two of the presentations, but students will appreciate having the information and instructions to consult at home when preparing for their performances.

To purchase the Back to the Basics Series, go directly to the store.

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