Student Song Parodies

My students at CPPG would write song parodies. Their amusing adapted lyrics were never a required assignment, but as we worked regularly with songs the students would bring in music they liked, and we would include their contributions in the lab program.

Groups of students chose to rewrite the songs to spark laughter among their classmates. I would place the parody lyrics in the course booklets and provide the music—a sort of karaoke sequence at the end of an industrious lab hour. That was a natural and very successful way of bringing humor and pleasure into the course.

You can show your students the two adaptations below, and hopefully, they will also write parodies. Additional popular ones such as "I Will Survive" and "YMCA" are found in "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0" in three Zip files}}.

Filmed parody

Once with "Lemon Tree" song parody, I filmed all the students singing this song as a group (24 students). It was like the clip of "We are the World"—a heartfelt souvenir for the students and their teachers. Today with new technology, students could produce incredible imitations that will entertain their classmates immensely.

  • Parody of "Help"
    Word - 30 kb
  • Parody of "Lemon Tree"
    Word - 29 kb
    Parody-Lemon Tree

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