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This ESL teacher development course consists of a series of articles. They will deal with what is essential to understand concerning the behavior of our learners in the classroom. I hope teachers will, from now on, save time preparing and no longer feel frustrated, disappointed or depressed by what goes on during their classes.

These articles are intended for teachers whose students have studied English for at least two years, in other words, who are not complete beginners. It is not a substitute for formal courses, which give certification or other diplomas that are valid in the workplace. I only wish to help teachers who cannot afford those official online or face-to-face courses.

This ESL teacher development course is free, but we would appreciate it if teachers could purchase some of the materials available in the store to help us finance this website, which exists without any advertising. If teachers are interested in my ideas, I advise you to purchase QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book Version 2.0, which has twenty-odd chapters of explanations plus over 1,500 customizable files with hundreds of exercises, listening comprehensions, and activities. There are numerous examples of student work and even ten-minute films produced by our students. Please consider purchasing the book or our packs of podcast scripts to keep this site alive and active.

We will look at what students like and don’t like doing and offer ideas about how to gain the respect of your students and get them to be autonomous learners. We will suggest activities to enhance enjoyment in class—not only by using songs but also implementing intense pairwork. If students are properly engaged with their work, show enthusiasm, and realize they are making progress, they will not be tempted by their smartphones.

Concerning student passiveness and lack of participation in class, we have to address the situation from the student’s point of view. The importance or not of innovation as well as how to test and grade students fairly to encourage them to progress. Most of the ideas come from QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book Version 2.0.

I am willing to come to your school or institution and organize workshops with your colleagues. In case you have questions about such seminars, you can contact me here.

The articles so far…

A Development Course for ESL Teachers (Free)

ESL Development Introduction: More about the course content

ESL Development 1: Things students don’t like to do in class

ESL Development 2: Things students like to do in class

ESL Development 3: What ESL students are willing to do provided…

ESL Development 4: An easy way to use songs in the ESL classroom

ESL Development 5: How can I speak up when I don’t speak English that much?

ESL Development 6: Never change a winning game—Be an actor in a show

ESL Development 7: Grading a talk or oral activity

ESL Development 8: How to Stop Students Texting In Class

ESL Development 9: Motivation Techniques

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