TOP 08-There she stood

Here is "TOP" No. 8 to help you to understand spoken English through "Training with Oral Practice" with famous quotes and lyrics. Click on one of the icons below to get the recording or go to the iTunes store to subscribe and just type "Marianne Raynaud" in the search window.

Below we tell you where these quotes and lyrics come from, but do the exercises first!


TOP 8-There she stood

Recording in MP3:

MP3 - 6.4 Mb
TOP 08-There she stood

For the transcript: Go to the store where you will find a pack of transcripts for TOPs 1 to 10 (including the oral tests) for a minimal price.

If you want to go on, TOP 9 is now available.

You can also work on our previous episodes.

If you want to know what songs we referred to, here they are with links to videos. Enjoy! And practice!

Write us with your comments if you are progressing with our three series of podcasts.

TOP 8-There she stood - Our Video Suggestions

Watch the clip Welcome to the Hotel California

Listen to Welcome to the Hotel California

Here are a few exercises that teachers can use with students

  • "Choice of Words" Exercise (as an introduction)
    Word - 35.5 kb
    Hotel California-Choice Exercise
  • "Choice of Words" Exercise Key
    Word - 42.5 kb
    Hotel California-Choice Exercise-Key
  • Cloze exercise (gap-filling)
    Word - 39.5 kb
    Hotel California-Cloze Exercise & Vocab
  • Cloze exercise (gap-filling) Key
    Word - 29.5 kb
    Hotel California-Key
  • Vocabulary exercise (for French students, which can be adapted easily to other languages)
    Word - 31.5 kb
    Hotel California-Vocab Exercise
  • Vocabulary exercise key
    Word - 35 kb
    Hotel California-Vocab Exercise-Key

Effective teaching materials

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