TOP 10 (Part 4) Oral Quiz for TOPs 1 to 9

In this part we ask you to say lines from the songs we have worked on up until now—and not just the titles.

  • I will give the last few words, and you will give the complete line. This is bound to be more difficult—especially the first time through.
  • Be sure to speak before I give the right answer.
  • Mark one point for yourself if your answer is correct.
  • Do not to stop the recording, and mark only the right answers.
  • If you are not satisfied with your result, you can do the test once again.

Listen to the examples.

    • I say: … a shimmering light
    • You say: I saw a shimmering light
    • I say: … grew heavy
    • You say: My head grew heavy

Now we will do the last series of twenty questions. Ready. Steady. Go!

For the transcript: Go to the store where you will find a pack of transcripts for TOPs 1 to 10 (including the oral tests) for a minimal price.

Good luck on the test!

Recording (MP3)

MP3 - 5.4 Mb
TOP 10 (Part 4) Oral Quiz for TOPs 1 to 9

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