An Effective Health Diet: Candida No Yeast Diet

Last year I went to Ottawa, Canada and spent 3 weeks going to sessions at Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic (613) 829-0427 www.ramilas.com. I strongly recommend this Healing Clinic and wish to pass on the no yeast diet, which I followed for 3 weeks with good results.

In the Candida Diet the Foods to Avoid:

Breads, cakes & crackers:

Commercial products contain yeast


All types

Coffee and tea:

Regular coffee, instant coffee and tea of all kinds, including herbal teas. (After a week you can drink herbal tea.)


Milk fortified with vitamins from yeast. Buttermilk and sour cream products

Edible fungi:

All types of mushrooms.

Fermented beverages:

Whisky, brandy, wine, gin, rum, vodka, beer, root beer.

Fruit juices:

Canned, bottled or frozen.

Flour products:

White enriched.

Malt and vinegar:

All foods and drinks in which a constituent would either be malt or vinegar, i.e. ketchup, dressings, pickles, spices, etc.


All kinds.


Pistachios, peanuts and peanut products usually contain mold. Most commercial available nuts are roasted in vegetable oil containing additives.

Packaged and processed foods:

Canned, bottled, boxed and other packaged processed foods usually contain yeast and/or refined sugar products.

Processed meats:

Smoked or cured. They often contain sugar, spices, yeast and other additives i. e. salami, hot dogs, wieners, bacon, etc.


All sugars and sweeteners such as molasses, honey, syrups, etc.


Antibiotics detrimental.


Brewer’s yeast, bakers yeast and all foods when preparation obviously depends on yeast.

Vitamins and minerals:

Containing yeast


Including penicillin, streptomycin, ampicillin, amoxicillin. Check with the prescribing physician.

Don’t worry!

There are still lots of things to eat like chicken, fish, eggs, salads, green vegetables, no yeast bread, yoghourt, pasta, rice, potatoes - mainly natural foods that have not fermented in any way. And drink lots of water!

Try this diet for 3 months and you will see the difference!

Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic (613) 829-0427 www.ramilas.com specializes in:
*Food and Environmental Sensitivity Testing and Clearing
*Herb & Nutritional Counseling
*Weight Management
*Bach Flower Remedies

Good luck to all of you seeking healing.
Marianne Raynaud

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