Advantages of the Digital ESL Resource Book

Marianne Raynaud has put together a “Digital ESL Resource Book” for English teachers and students on a DVD with numerous teaching materials, keys, recordings, PowerPoint presentations, films and even examples of student work.

(To purchase the "QualityTime-ESL.com" book just go to "Ordering the DVDs".)

“The Digital ESL Resource Book” contains:

* 26 chapiters to help teachers use dynamic techniques

* A Document Annex with more than 1,500 files

* Exercises and keys in PDF for grammar and vocabulary work

* Exercises and keys in .doc / WORD that can be modified

* Audio recordings with worksheets (“fill in” exercises or questions)

* Modifiable files explaining the requirements of a certain oral activity

* Modifiable files explaining the syllabus (core curriculum) of an ESL course

* Modifiable files explaining procedures, grades etc.

* PowerPoint presentations by the teacher and by students

* Hundreds of examples of student work!

* Films written, produced and directed by students

* Films (by the teacher) of classroom activities on a second DVD entitled "Scenes from an ESL Classroom"

If printed this would amount to a 3,500-page guidebook for English teachers! And that is without the PPTs, the recordings and the films!

So as I am using the DVD format I have even included PowerPoint presentations and films with my students participating in activities and even examples of films written, directed and produced by the students themselves.

Additonal advantages of the digital Document Annex:

* All the documents in the A4 format

* Documents “ready” for photocopying. No “cutting & pasting” with paper.

* Hyperlinks from the text directly to the Document Annex (a time-saver)

* A great many examples to choose from.

* Recordings to go with the listening comprehension exercises

* Numerous examples of student work

* Oral and written achievement tests

* Computer generated Review Sheets for intranet platforms

* PowerPoint presentations

* PDF files with ready-to-go exercises

* “Customizable” files in Word (doc) i.e. to be modified according to needs

* Extraordinary films students have made on their own

* Films with students interacting in the classroom

All this is to be found in the Digital Document Annex of QualityTime-ESL. (To purchase the "QualityTime-ESL.com" book just go to "Ordering the DVDs".) Purchase it today and start changing your life as a teacher!

Marianne Raynaud

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