Your English 27 A Poem To Learn English (3)

Level: A2-C1

Goal: Learn many verb tenses and useful expressions through rhyme

I hope the recording of the 3rd part of this poem with both a listen & repeat part and a continuous reading helps you to review grammar and correct usage. I have seen students truly improve their speaking skills by learning poems by heart. The rhymes will make it easier for learners to memorize the lines.

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Your English 27 "A Poem To Learn English 3"


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Your English 27 A Poem To Learn English 3

Your English No. 27 A Poem to Learn English (Part 3)

I’m talking to you, I’m telling you this
I expect you to listen—not a single word miss
I want you to be quiet and nothing demand
I’d like you to focus and my thoughts understand

If you learn by heart just half of these lines
Respecting word order, stress and all of the rhymes
You’ll speak good English, and wherever you go
You’ll be welcomed by people—acts of friendship they’ll show

So isn’t this poem worth trying to learn?
Reciting complex lexis is not our concern
I don’t ask you to know the names of all birds
I just want you to speak well and use the right words

Won’t you make an attempt? Yes, just do your best
No one will mock you; we won’t give you a test
The effort you make, you will never regret
And my story, I daresay, you’ll never forget.

May you find good fortune through work and through luck
I trust your family will help you if ever you’re stuck
But I know that the skills you learn when you’re young
Are those that will make you the man you’ll become

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