Essential English 02 To Have

This new series is for total beginners or “almost beginners”.

  • Podcasts less than 8 min
  • Complementary oral practice for an English course
  • To use with mobile devices and headphones
  • Class work
  • Homework
  • Downloadable free of charge from iTunes
  • Oral exercises like linguistic gymnastics
    • For warm ups
    • To master vocabulary and structures
  • Scripts are available on each separate page or in a single file for mobile devices
    PDF - 2.1 Mb
    Essential English Podcasts 01-11-scripts for mobile devices


  • ZiP file for teachers to open with 7-zip software free at 7-zip.org
    Zip - 2.7 Mb
    Essential English Podcasts 1-11 Scripts-Advice-PDF+DOC

Essential English - For Beginners 02 - To Have

Tips for teachers

  • First the students learn the verb "to have" and practice it with the recording below. Then you give them some appropriate vocabulary like "a friend", "a pencil", "an idea", "a bicycle", "a pet" or whatever is appropriate in their culture and have them practice with these words saying "I have a friend", "He has an idea", "They have a bicycle", "You have a pet" etc. They go on to try the same thing in other groups using all the pronouns.
  • It is best to give this vocabulary in the students’ native tongue to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Have them learn numbers 6-10. As they did in the previous lesson they work in groups and tell each other which number they and the others are. Finally, they associate a number with a first name and an object, person, abstraction, etc. For example they will say, "Number six is Anja and she has a pet" or Number ten is Pierre and he has an idea". They switch groups several times until everyone knows what everyone else has.


MP3 - 6.4 Mb
Essential English - For Beginners 02 - Verb To Have

Script in PDF

PDF - 186.9 kb
Essential English - For Beginners 02 - Verb To Have

Script in DOC

Word - 69 kb
Essential English - For Beginners 02 - Verb To Have

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