Essential English 06 Please & Thank You

This new series is for total beginners or “almost beginners.”

  • Podcasts less than 8 min
  • Complementary oral practice for an English course
  • To use with mobile devices and headphones
  • Classwork
  • Homework
  • Downloadable free of charge from iTunes
  • Oral exercises like linguistic gymnastics
    • For warm-ups
    • To master vocabulary and structures
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Essential English 06 "Please & Thank You"

Tips for teachers

  • First the students learn the expressions "please" and "thank you". It is always best to give new words in the students’ native tongue to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • In pair work they practice "please" with the different verbs they know already help, show, guide and explain to me/you, testing each other. One student says a verb, and the other asks the question, "Please can you help/show/guide/explain to me?"
  • Next they do a question and answer practice with one student saying, "Please can you help, show, guide or explain to me?" and the other answering "Yes, I can help, show, guide or explain to you."
  • They walk around using this question and this answer with their different classmates.
  • Then you remind them that they have already said what they can do well, e.g., "I can sing," "I can dance," "I can make cakes," etc.
  • They practice using "Please can you help me to… sing/dance / make cakes?" or whatever they are good at. And the partner should reply, "Yes, I can help you to… sing/dance/make cakes," etc.
  • The last routine is for each student to say, "Yes, I can help you to…" and hear a partner say, "Thank you for helping me to… sing/dance/make cakes," etc.
  • Finally, if you think the students are ready for it, for a short time you have them speak in pairs in front of the group giving the four lines,
    • "Please can you help me to…?"
    • "Yes, I can help you to…
    • "Thank you for helping me to…
    • "You are welcome."
  • This is an opportunity to introduce "You are welcome."
  • Be sure to give them time to practice in pairs before they perform in front of the class/group.
  • Remember to have the students speak to each other with each pair communicating at the same time as the others and not just to you, the teacher, one at a time. The only exception should be the performance at the end, which should bring laughter.
  • You can even have the others applaud each performance.
  • Extra tip: be sure the students switch pairs very often until everyone has worked with everyone else several times.

Good luck!


MP3 - 7.1 Mb
Essential English 06 Please & Thank You

Script in PDF

PDF - 179.6 kb
Essential English 06 Please & Thank You

Good luck!

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