Table of Contents - “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”

INTRODUCTION or How to Make the Most of this Digital Resource Book

Chapter 1: My Philosophy, My Experience or What I Know After Thirty Years of Teaching English

Chapter 2: Intensive Pairwork or Making "Language" Training Enjoyable

Chapter 3: The Key to Success or How a Core Curriculum and Teamwork Made Teaching So Satisfying

Chapter 4: The Tutorial System or How I Changed My Life as a Teacher with Individualized Instruction

Chapter 5: The Language Lab or The Main Concepts of Our Audio Program

Chapter 6: The Language Lab (Cont.) or Designing Motivating Oral Exercises

Chapter 7: The Core Curriculum or Knowing What You Are Really Teaching

Chapter 8: What is the Secret? Or Tell Me in Just One Minute How Do You Do It!
Chapter 9: Suitable Teaching Materials or Designing Your Customized Booklets

Chapter 10: Written Work or Helping Your Students Assimilate Corrections

Chapter 11: The Assignment Page or How to Impose a Challenging Workload

Chapter 12: Review Sheets, Howlers, and Rounds or Varying Assignments to Encourage Creativity

Chapter 13: Appropriate Evaluation or Why Teaching Can’t Be Effective Without Fair and Stimulating Testing

Chapter 14: Follow-Up to Tests or Students Can Learn from Their Mistakes

Chapter 15: Giving Presentations or How to Make Talks Beneficial for All

Chapter 16: A Common 1st Year Program or How to Set Up a Successful Syllabus

Chapter 17: A Common 2nd Year Program or Variations on the Same Theme

Chapter 18: Effective Time Management or Becoming a Real Professional Thanks to the Right Timing

Chapter 19: Multi-Media Today or English Teaching Goes Global

Chapter 20: Learning from Others or One Little Idea Can Go a Long Way

Chapter 21: Sharing My Recipes or Discipline and Fun in English Class

Chapter 22: Respect versus Authority or What Attitude Should We Adopt?

Chapter 23: Conclusion or The Next Step in My Career




" TESTIMONIALS from ESL Professionals and Former Colleagues

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