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Ideas on subjects other than teaching that Marianne Raynaud wishes to share with others. She speaks about diets, computers, language exchanges and how women could create a better society, stand up for their rights and get ahead.

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Fraud and Lies on eDreams Site (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Sept. 14, 2015
I received two emails with a bill of sale for €129, and eDreams withdrew €169 from my bank account. Furthermore, the bill of sale is incomprehensible with €20 for currency conversion, and the client’s name and bank number are NOT mine!

Why Women Secretly Hate Computers (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Marianne Raynaud talks about the kind of "technological training" young girls should be given to prevent the anxieties women often have to face when dealing with computers.

Finding a Language Exchange Partner on the Web by Marianne Raynaud (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Marianne Raynaud speaks about how she found language exchange partners to improve her Spanish by using SharedTalk.com.

A Feminist Speaks Out: “We Women Should Treat Ourselves Better!” by Marianne Raynaud (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Marianne Raynaud from QualityTime-ESL.com speaks about subjects other than teaching. In this case it is about her stand on feminism, about how women should defend themselves today by changing habits that put them in an inferior state. As a feminist she is definitely against the "fashion victim" trend that makes women waste money that they should invest in education, training or just making a better life for themselves.

An Effective Health Diet: Candida No Yeast Diet (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Last year I went to Ottawa, Canada and spent 3 weeks going to sessions at Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic (613) 829-0427 www.ramilas.com I strongly recommend this Healing Clinic and wish to pass on the no yeast diet, which I followed for 3 months with good results.

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