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  • Short videos with subtitles (CC=closed captions)
  • To be shown by the teacher as listening comprehension
  • To be used as examples of videos students should look for and then come to class and present and/or analyze.
  • If using some of the TED Talks (see TED.com), students could even be asked to practice being one of these outstanding speakers and give a short 3-minute "performance" in front of the class. This is being done in "speech classes" in the USA.


Inspiring Videos

Science and Technology Videos

Short Video Presentations

Short Video Documentaries about Britain or the USA

Debate Provoking Videos

Videos on Web Technology

Humorous Videos

Teacher Training Videos

Whenever I find a version with (dotsub.com->http://www.dotsub.com]) offers videos with closed-captions in English and the possibility to make your own captions.

Feel free to suggest other videos that you have found.

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Articles in this section

A Film - "Fond Memories from CPPG" (Humorous Videos)

The CPP of the Grenoble Institute of Technology (today "la classe prepa" INP-Grenoble) celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation with a gala on the campus of Grenoble, France. Marianne Raynaud filmed and edited a film for the occasion with students and teachers of the graduating classes 1 to 10. (MP4-15 minutes). Many scenes from the English classes (parodies, student clips, oral pair work, thank you speeches, tutorials, interviews).

Videos for Teaching ESL Classes (CC) (Short Videos)

Videos that would be useful for ESL classes—either shown by the teacher as listening comprehension or used as examples of the type of videos students should look for, come to class with, and present and analyze for fellow students.

Steve Jobs - Commencement Speech at Stanford University in a video (subtitles) and in a DOC file (Inspiring Videos)

Steve Jobs - Commencement Speech at Standford University: one of the best speeches to be found on the Web according to TED Talks. Herewith a link to the video with subtitles in English and the full transcript in a DOC file.

Short Video Documentaries about Britain or the USA (Short Videos)

Great Britain: Loescher English Corner 1 - 7 London sightseeing with subtitles Loescher English Corner 1 - 5 Daily routine with subtitles Loescher English Corner 1 - 3 The Royal family with subtitles Loescher English Corner 2 - 4 Sport in the UK with subtitles Loescher English Corner 1 - 2 (...)

Parody - iPad 2 Review by Exkild (Humorous Videos)

Lesson Plan with LC worksheets and link to view as preparation for students to do their own parody review of tech device. Exercises are inluded as samples of documents to be found in "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book" by Marianne Raynaud

David Hanson: Robots that "show emotion" (4:58) With Cloze Exercise ( Exercises for Clips)

David Hanson’s robot faces look and act like yours: They recognize and respond to emotion, and make expressions of their own. Here, an "emotional" live demo of the Einstein robot offers a peek at a future where robots truly mimic humans. There is a cloze exercise on verbs to go with the video.

The Dream for Open Video (3:17) (Short Presentations)

Open Video is more than just open codecs — watch the film and find out. Also visit the web site http://openvideoconference.org/ for more information Language: English License: CC - Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives Genre: Viral Video Producer: Ryanne Hodson & Jay Dedman (...)

"Twitter in Plain English" By the Common Craft Show (2:23) ( Exercises for Clips)

"Twitter in Plain English" is a very short and clear slideshow that explains how Twitter works. It was made by Lee LeFever of the Common Craft Show. Here is a cloze exercise with a key by Marianne Raynaud of Qualitytime-ESL.com/

Joachim de Posada says, "Don’t eat the marshmallow yet." (6:02) (Short Presentations)

In this short talk from TED Talks, Joachim de Posada shares a landmark experiment on delayed gratification — and how it can predict future success. With priceless video of kids trying their hardest not to eat the marshmallow. Joachim de Posada is a speaker and motivational coach. (...)

Pete Alcorn on the world in 2200 (3:53) (Short Presentations)

In this short, optimistic talk from TED2009, Pete Alcorn shares a vision of the world of two centuries from now — when declining populations and growing opportunity prove Malthus was wrong.

Pete Alcorn is the head of podcasting for Apple, and a veteran of the paper-publishing industry.

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