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Marianne Raynaud’s Mission

Marianne Raynaud speaks about her mission as a mentor and part of the expert systems, which make use of the knowledge of much-experienced teachers, who have retired but are still active in the world of education.

Marianne Raynaud
My Mission: ESL Mentoring
Publications & Presentations
Marianne Raynaud - Author/Teacher BIO by Brigitte Cassigneul
Marianne Raynaud - Biografía (en español)

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Marianne Raynaud (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Marianne Raynaud is a consultant, speaker, author of "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book". She is also the founder and webmaster of the QualityTime-ESL.com website. Her mission is mentoring emerging teachers. She worked for 24 years at INPG.

My Mission: ESL Mentoring (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Passing on What I Have Learned: A new type of ESL teacher training with Marianne Raynaud

Publications & Presentations (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Marianne RAYNAUD, former university professor and currently consultant and speaker, is the author of "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book"} and founder/webmaster of the website QualityTime-ESL.com.

Marianne Raynaud - Author/Teacher BIO by Brigitte Cassigneul (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Marianne Raynaud taught English as a second language for more than thirty-five years. For the last twenty-four years of her career she worked at France’s largest technological university, INPG, winning the prestigious Palmes Académiques for innovations in teaching ESL. Since retiring from (...)

Marianne Raynaud - Biografía (en español) (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Marianne Raynaud - Bio (en español) Marianne Raynaud publicó recientemente un libro digital titulado “Quality Time-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”. Con este libro intenta ayudar a los profesores y estudiantes dándoles acceso al material que ella pone a disposición de sus alumnos que siguen los cursos universitarios de dos años. Todo este material pedagógico es muy eficaz. Su libro está compuesto de ideas originales y de actividades muy emotivas que suponen una gran ayuda a los profesores de lenguas extranjeras para preparar cursos estimulantes.