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Marianne Raynaud is the author of "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0" intended for teachers looking for effective, dynamic teaching methods and students wishing to improve their speaking skills.

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Articles about Marianne’s work

Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud

Interviews with Marianne Raynaud

Marianne Raynaud - Her Mission

Marianne’s Other Worlds


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Articles in this section

To Correct or Not To Correct… That is the Question! (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

In this article, Marianne Raynaud explains why teachers must correct their students’ oral mistakes, preferably in real-time. "Marianne’s ESL Teacher Tips" give ESL/EFL/ELT teachers advice about teaching important aspects of the English language: grammar, tenses, spelling, reviewing numbers, asking questions, posing conditions, using indirect speech, etc.

The Raynaud Engish Course (Part 1) (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains the meaning of "QualityTime-ESL teaching" and gives encouraging advice to teachers who wish to use more effective methods in their ESL/EFL classes.

The Missing Element: Someone Who Listens (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

A link is missing in our educational system: "People who listen." By this, I mean either teachers or assistants working privately with one student at a time or classmate showing real interest in what their partners are saying.

ESL Solutions: IT plus Intensive Pairwork Techniques (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Ways to use ICT and traditional paper techniques to enhance speaking and promote concentration during language learning. Ideas from "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book 2.0" with 1,500 files (DOC, PDF, MP3, video).

The Raynaud Engish Course (Part 2) (Interviews with Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud continues her explanations of the "QualityTime-ESL teaching method."

The Best Way to Learn to Speak English (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Suggestions as to how to learn correct spoken English.

Your Students Don’t Speak English… And What to Do (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Marianne Raynaud explains why ESL/EFL students don’t learn to speak English… and tells teachers what to do to get the students/learners speaking. The latter need practice through oral exercises, lab work, listening comprehension, cloze exercises, guided presentations, intensive pair work, tutorials, worksheets with easy-to-understand keys. She says students can “teach each other” from keys, information sheets, or prepared exercises. Also assign speaking activities like the interactive drills in the "QualityTime-ESL Podcasts" and "Your English Podcasts" and give "oral" tests. If possible get a simple audio lab with voice amplifying microphones or at least iPods for the class..

Marianne Raynaud (Marianne Raynaud’s Mission)

Marianne Raynaud is a consultant, speaker, author of "QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book". She is also the founder and webmaster of the QualityTime-ESL.com website. Her mission is mentoring emerging teachers. She worked for 24 years at INPG.

What Do Students Expect From Their Teachers? (Articles on ESL by Marianne Raynaud)

Generally, we know what we expect from our students. We use these criteria to evaluate their work, their participation, and often their behavior too. But do we ask the students what they expect from our courses? I have done so—especially when I felt the course was not going well. And this (...)

Fraud and Lies on eDreams Site (Marianne’s Other Worlds)

Sept. 14, 2015
I received two emails with a bill of sale for €129, and eDreams withdrew €169 from my bank account. Furthermore, the bill of sale is incomprehensible with €20 for currency conversion, and the client’s name and bank number are NOT mine!

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