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Our podcasts are audio programs to help "communicate orally" in English by making the you "speak" with short sentences to repeat, complete or transform orally.

Doing exercises by speaking aloud is far more difficult than doing the same as written work. Try it yourself. And the training is far more beneficial! You remember much more and can use what you have practiced.
We publish podcasts on this site, which are also found on iTunes.

QualityTime-ESL Podcasts (interactive oral grammar training)

Your English (interactive exercises to build active vocabulary)

5 Minute TOPs (interactive exercises based on lyrics and quotes)

Essential English Podcasts for Beginners (oral exercises for learners who know little or no English)

All these podcasts are free oral exercises/drills providing active training in speaking skills.

Some of the scripts are free. The others can be purchased at our storefor a minimal fee. We now have special packs for mobile devices.

The quickest way to download the podcasts is to go to iTunes and type my name "Marianne Raynaud" in the search box in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. But you must sign up. Here on our site, you do not need to give an email address or a bank card number.

You can also use the following RSS feeds:

QualityTime-ESL Podcasts (Oral exercises on essential English structures)

Your English (Oral exercises to build vocabulary)

5-minute TOPs (Oral exercises based on song lyrics and quotes)

Essential English (For Beginners) (Oral exercises for leaners who know very little English)

For more information, you can read the article Using Free QualityTime-ESL Podcasts Drills In Your Teaching.

Articles in this section

Free Podcasts for Your Teaching (Free ESL Podcasts)

Marianne Raynaud explains step by step how to download and transfer educational podcasts for ESL, EFL, ELT English language courses based on speaking skills.

Your English 66 “Was It Love?” Pt 2 (Your English Podcasts)

We are now continuing our ESL “Irregular Verb Challenge," which means we are going to produce a story "Was It Love?" in episodes that will include all the 140+ Irregular verbs that students often find tiresome to learn.

Your English: Study Program for “Was It Love?" (Your English Podcasts)

We have devised a plan to help you take advantage of this story“ Was It Love?" by Marianne Raynaud at QuaityTime-ESL.com and actually master irregular verbs in English.

Your English 64 "Love" & Irregular Verbs (Your English Podcasts)

Irregular verbs are essential. Learning to use them can help you improve your level of spoken English dramatically. In this podcast, we explain their importance and provide you with a method to learn them. We give you a short oral test to evaluate your level, and we introduce the story "Was It Love?" that will consist of more than ten different episodes. It will include 140+ irregular verbs!

Your English 62 Computer Vocabulary (Your English Podcasts)

Marianne Raynaud provides oral exercises to practice the correct pronunciation of technical words in English.

Your English 61 Language Snobbism (Your English Podcasts)

In this episode, Marianne Raynaud suggests we all become "language snobs" to help each other learn foreign languages. The idea amounts to pronouncing "borrowed" words as they are spoken in their language of origin. That is the case in Sweden where using foreign words correctly does not make you a snob. It is more a way of showing respect for other languages besides our own.

Your English 60 Passive Voice in Scientific English (2) (Your English Podcasts)

More practice with the passive voice (in the simple past tense) with some vital "semi-scientific" vocabulary that you will find in science papers, articles, advertisements, and everyday conversation.

Your English 59 Passive Voice in Scientific English (1) (Your English Podcasts)

Practice the passive voice (in the present perfect and present tenses) with some vital "semi-scientific" vocabulary that you find in science papers, articles, advertisements, and everyday conversation.

Your English 58 Being Polite (2) (Your English Podcasts)

This podcast helps you be more polite when speaking English. We work on using "please," "would," "could," "do you mind," and "would you mind." Oral exercises train you to master structures and use them spontaneously. The target level is A2 to B2. Take advantage of this opportunity to have your very own personal language trainer!

Your English 55 Top US TV Shows (Your English Podcasts)

In this episode, we will practice our English with the titles of such shows through listen-and-repeat sequences and other exercises.

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