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"End of the World" - Listening Comprehension (Listening Comprehension)

Recordings for "End of World" based on the radio play adapted by Orson Welles in 1938 from the science-fiction novel "The War of the Worlds." This timeless topic concerning the media is most topical today.

"Honesty” Lesson Plan LC with (Oral & Written) Worksheets (Listening Comprehension)

Your English" 18 and 19 (language learning podcasts on iTunes) feature the listening comprehension exercise “Honesty” with oral/written worksheets. This LC in two parts is an excellent introduction to a discussion about all the dishonesty we hear about today in the media: false claims made during the US presidential campaign and Lance Armstrong’s refusal to admit to doping to name just two. Assignment and debate questions included.

The Iceberg Project: LC, Worksheets (Oral/Written), PTT & more (Listening Comprehension)

ESL/EFL/ELT lesson plans, recordings, and worksheets for the "Iceberg Project,"a project to provide drinking water for the driest regions of the earth—a topical theme today with the Ice Dream Project about to be launched with a documentary about the work of engineer Georges Mougin together with Dassault Systèmes, a French IT enterprise. Related topics: global warming (climate change), third world issues, technology to save the planet, among others. Pairwork worksheet to get all the students in the class speaking English simultaneously.

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