Videos for Teaching ESL Classes (CC)

Dear colleagues,

I am searching for short videos with subtitles (CC=closed captians) that would be useful for ESL classes—either to be shown by the teacher as listening comprehension or to use as examples of the type of videos students should look for and then come to class and present and/or analyze. If you use some of the TED Talks (see TED.com), you could even ask students to practice being one of these outstanding speakers and give a short 3-minute "performance" in front of the class. This is being done in "speech classes" in the USA.

I will try to classify the videos. So far I have:

Inspiring Videos

Science and Technology Videos

Short Video Presentations

Short Video Documentaries about Britain or the USA

Debate Provoking Videos

Videos on Web Technology

Humorous Videos

Teacher Training Videos

Whenever I find a version with closed-captions in English (from dotsub.com) or other sources, I will include it too.

Feel free to suggest other videos that you have found.

Kind regards,


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