Essential English - Advice for Teachers

This new series is for total beginners or “almost beginners”.

  • Podcasts less than 8 min
  • Complementary oral practice for an English course
  • To use with mobile devices and headphones
  • Class work
  • Homework
  • Downloadable free of charge from iTunes
  • Oral exercises like linguistic gymnastics
    • For warm ups
    • To master vocabulary and structures
  • Scripts available

Essential English - Advice For Teachers

In the recording and in the PDF I explain my plan and my feelings about teaching English. "Practice makes perfect" is one of my favorite sayings. I believe we should progress gradually but with a lot of oral practice to make sure our learners master the essential structures they need when speaking—the most difficult skill.


MP3 - 4 Mb
Essential English 00 - For Teachers

Script in PDF

PDF - 120.9 kb
Essential English 00 - For Teachers

Script in DOC

Word - 53.5 kb
Essential English 00 - For Teachers

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