Page of Acknowledgments from “QualityTime-ESL: The Digital Resource Book”

First of all I would like to thank my husband Etienne Pic, who encouraged me to fulfill my dream of writing a “digital” resource book. He contributed immensely to the technological side of my book. I would not have been able to do compete this project without him.

I would also like to mention my good friend Bill Gehl, whose careful editing, clear insight and pertinent advice contributed greatly to the final manuscript, and my new friends Mary Tanzy and Ros Wright, who did the proofreading. I am also grateful to iUniverse for giving me excellent suggestions.

Special thanks go to computer experts David Nikolovski and Steven Jovanovic for helping me learn more about computers and intranet sites. I thank my university, INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) for giving me the resources to carry out my pedagogical research.

I would also like to thank my colleagues Patricia Tutin, Penelope Moffatt, Anna Jeannesson, Lis Leschelt, Art Newton, Janis Morel, Helen Cox, Judith Geissler, and Loretta Kimble for their numerous contributions and great encouragement over all these years. I also express my gratitude to Jeanne Steiffenhofer, Inspector Jean Passaro, Inspector Jacques Benhamou and Odile Merklen for giving me most valuable advice concerning teaching or the organization of resource materials. Moreover, I will never forget to thank Gérard Anot, who always kept the lab in perfect shape!

I would like to mention my very good friends Brigitte Cassigneul and Ellen Bonaparth as well as my daughter Sandra Raynaud, my mother Kerstin Lindquist and and my sister Louise Hannant, who have always believed in my projects and encouraged me to carry them out.

Allow me also to thank all the other people, who have directly or indirectly helped me over the years. They are so numerous that I cannot mention them all.

Finally, I would also like to thank all the students I have had over the years and in particular the students of my last two CPPG graduating classes 2003 and 2004. They inspired me to write this digital resource book, which had before seemed to be an impossible dream. Hundreds of other students have also given me inspiration, but the last two classes I worked with actually made the dream come true. Therefore I would like to include their names:

Promo 9:

Carole Albouy,
Jean Arnaud,
Yann Audren-HN,
Yoann Bastin,
Jonathan Bird,
Michael Bonnet-Gonnet,
Adrien Blanchard,
Cyril Brault-HN,
Guillaume Brue,
Nadja Cachet,
Gabriel Caferra,
Louis Carlioz,
Aude Chabrelie,
Maryam Chalach,
Lise Chamiot-Clerc,
Laurent Chane-Yene,
Romain Charlon,
Boris Chatel-HN,
Adeline Chervin,
Gaëtan Courthial,
Vincent Destefanis,
Elie Dumas,
Estelle Dumas,
Jérémie Duny,
Yann Fauche,
Cédric Fayard,
Hedi Gardent,
Arnaud Gauffier,
Aurélien Grange,
Fabien Granoux,
Jérémie Griva,
Caroline Gubian,
Pierre Hereil,
Ruxandra Ianos,
Bruno Jacob,
Pierre Jacquemoud,
Eugénie Jadfard,
Cédric Joder,
Benoît Laborie,
Alexis Leburgue,
Cyril Maistre,
Clément Mangin,
Jean-Yves Marillat,
Sophie Marlière,
Romain Martin,
Benoît Metral,
Magali Morvan,
Elodie Mosnier,
Vy Nguyen,
Nicolas Noblot,
Guillaume Orttner,
Amélie Paquier,
Emilie Pemin,
Sylvain Petinot,
Yannick Peyrusson,
Jean-Daniel Point,
Christophe Pouly,
Laurent Rabatel,
Ghislain Radisson,
Benjamin Reboul-HN8,
Amélie Rey,
Sophie Roland,
Romain Rositi,
Rachel Rousselle,
Christophe Royer,
Salem Said,
Antoine Trichot,
Emmanuelle Turbelin-HN,
Alexandra Urankar,
Frédéric Vial,
Fabien Vigne.

(HN = Sportif de Haut Niveau)

Promo 10:

Siti Amalina Abdul Rahim,
Maxime Andrighetto,
Isabelle Bard,
Clément Berthinier,
Michaël Bouchot,
Abderrahmane Boussahoua,
Nadja Boussetta,
Cyril Brault-HN9,
Gilles Bruzac,
Laurène Canova,
Chloé Cauchard,
Florian Chenier,
Aurélia Chenu,
Candy Chlad,
Céline Clot,
Guillaume Custillon,
Jérôme Dubois,
Christophe Dutang,
Cyril Excoffon,
Safia Farhat,
Sandrine Fluchère,
Benjamin Fretti,
Sylvain Gaudin,
Julie Groleau,
Anaïs Guellerin,
Tristan Guiglini,
Magali Haguet,
Joséphine Husson,
Charlotte Jouet,
Lionel Klein,
Hugues Labiche,
Henri Lacroix,
Romain Laugier-HN,
David Laurent,
Emilie Laurent,
Marie Lionet,
Sing Yer Ma,
Sébastien Maire,
Kunal Masse,
Fabien Mauquié,
Adeline Mazal,
Philippe Meunier,
Quentin Meunier,
Fabien Molmeret,
Michaël Palluel,
Clément Pesle,
Cyril Pistono,
Alexandre Plastre,
Adrien Quanquin,
Arnaud Rival,
Jérémy Roland,
Nicolas Rouzaud,
Jérémy Royer,
Flore Sonier,
Laure Travaglini,
Eric Van Reeth,
Célia Vesco,
Benoît Vettier,
Stéphane Vighetti.

(HN = Sportif de Haut Niveau)

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