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This site is essentially for TEACHERS, but there is a specific section for LEARNERS.

If you are a LEARNER (A2-C1), go to the SPECIAL PAGES FOR YOU.

If you are a TEACHER, stay on this page for information and links.

We are rewriting the whole site, so please excuse the mistakes!

To help students and teachers, our series of FREE ORAL EXERCISES go from very easy to most challenging. They have been written to address levels from A2 to C1. The primary purpose is to encourage students to "speak" as much as possible using "correct language."

Our podcasts offer SCRIPTS and WORKSHEETS, allowing students to work effectively on exercises in labs, on smartphones, or on computers with headphones. We give advice on the use of scripts.

A motivated learner trains for English just like a sport. If students practice hard, whatever their level, they will soon improve their English and, above all, SPEAK without mistakes and fluently!

Interactive Podcasts (A2-C1) and even a few for teachers dealing with complete beginners):

You can also find these podcasts on iTunes by typing my name "Marianne Raynaud." But the podcasts are listed starting with the most difficult or popular.

The QualityTime-ESL Podcasts begin with very easy exercises (A2) and follow a fairly logical progression to C1. Our second series, Your English Podcasts, offers variety and can be used with most levels simultaneously. "QualityTime Podcasts" are mostly for independent work, while "Your English Podcasts" lend themselves to pair or group work.

Students can refer to Google Translate for approximate equivalents if they don’t understand the instructions or texts.

"QualityTime" is an allusion to a term often used by busy Americans to refer to those precious moments we spend with our children when they are growing up. Read more…

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Use our podcasts in your teaching as classwork with a player, individual work with a lab/smartphone, or as independent oral homework.

Use the study plans on this site with the free materials provided.

Learn how to use podcasts in your teaching.

Use and promote our learning poems:

Read the articles with suggestions about teaching "SPOKEN" English effectively.

This book is currently unavailable.
"The Digital Resource Book," with 200 pages of explanations plus 3,000 pages, giving you listening comprehension and written exercises for pairwork, quizzes, assignments, tests, songs, and more, is no longer on this site. We may publish it in a more concise form in the future, but you can find many examples from the book on these pages.

Write to me with ideas we could develop together.


The podcasts and exercises on this site will help learners succeed in IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, or CAMBRIDGE FIRST/PROFICIENCY exams while improving their speaking skills.

Songs, Lesson Plans, Videos for ESL Teaching, Idea Pages, and the Film: Students of CPP-Classe Prepa INPG
Pairwork Exercises with keys and advice, Short Student Presentations with numerous PowerPoints, worksheets, and instructions for both teachers and students, Pronunciation exercises keys, extra MP3 recordings, and advice for both teachers and students

The meaning of the term: QualityTime-ESL

"QualityTime" is an allusion to a term often used by busy Americans to refer to those precious moments we spend with our children when they are growing up. Read more…

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